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So of all the PV Recommends groups I've written about so far, they are people I know.  I don't really know the Canyon Rays folks.  A couple years ago, we got an email asking if we wanted to play a gig with them in New Haven, CT.  We said yes to the show, and played with them to a small-ish crowd late on a Saturday night.  They were on tour all the way from L.A. doing an east coast run.  We didn't talk too much before the show, but afterwards we were able to talk to the members and I awkwardly told them how much I liked their performance and they awkwardly told me "thanks".  Then one of them handed me a download code for their only album "West Coast Babes".  I didn't think much of it.  We spoke about this or that for another few minutes before we parted ways.  The next day, I downloaded the album.

It has become one of my favorite albums of 2014, if not my #1.  Take a listen:



This album is the perfect summer day.  Though I don't think it sounds the same, it gives me the same feeling of summer that I get when I listen to the Beach Boys.  They just have perfectly encapsulated that feeling and expressed it through music wonderfully.  This album always puts a big smile on my face from the opening chords.  I'm not even that much into other music like this.  A lot of those "California bands" who have blown up blogs in the past decade haven't really hit me the same way as this.  I honestly don't even know how to describe WHY I connect with this album, I just do.  

While I certainly love the kind of music we make in Pocket Vinyl, I would LOVE to make an album as sunny, pop-y, and positive as this one.  I have no idea if that's even in me, but there will always be some part of me that is jealous of this kind of bright sound.  And from one artist to another, I mean that as a huge compliment.

As an album, it's sequencing is just about perfect.  And the song "Teenage Dream" would be a national hit if it was given national press.


I've tried to reach out to play more shows with them since then, but have heard little back.  Their website is now down, and they haven't posted anything on their facebook page since April 10 2015.  I'm a bit afraid that they won't put out anything more, so I recommend you get this album as soon as you can before it eventually goes down and gets lost to time.  I know I'm going to be listening to this still for years to come.






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