Pocket Vinyl

HUGE coast to coast tour!


Hey everyone, so head on over to our tour dates page to check out our upcoming 2015 dates.  We're going to be on the road for exactly two months (February 19 through April 18) and will be going across the ENTIRE NATION OF THE USA for the first time ever.  It is going to be a crazy experience, and we can't wait to get it all started.  We've posted about half of the dates that we have confirmed, but we're still working on many, many more in late March and early April.  We'll update them as they get booked.

Can't wait to see you on the road!


123 shows in 2014, hopefully more for 2015


123 shows in 2014.  By my count that's how many we did.  Crazy.  It's such a pleasure to play for all you guys and we hope to entertain you for years to come.

So there are no dates online right now, but that doesn't mean we aren't booking them.  We have plans for a 2 month tour to the west coast, so that should be tons of fun.  We'll post those dates soon, so check back after the new year for them.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays everyone!


New Art Store!


Just a quick note today: see that tab to your left that says "Art Store"?  Well, if you want an original painting by Elizabeth, or socks made by Elizabeth, or prints of paintings by Elizabeth, or purses made of vinyl records made by Elizabeth, or any number of other great things made by Elizabeth, go there.  It's a link to her Etsy shop and it's a treasure trove of quality materials.  

At the very least, we encourage you to poke around.  Remember, Christmas is just around the corner....


The Tour is Over! Time to finish up the next album...


Thank you very much for anyone who came out in the last few weeks to see us.  We had a wonderful time, and it's beginning to be a trend that people who we don't know are coming out to see us.  It's still small...a few folks here, a couple more there....but it feels like progress.  It feels like we're moving up in the music business.  Thank you so much for that, and I'm glad we've been able to entertain you.

We're home now and have a few shows over the next few months around New England, but we won't go out on the road again until February.  The plan is to hit every single state around the border of the lower 48 states.  This means our first trip to the west coast!  We're very excited to explore new states out that way.  We'll post those dates as we book them in the coming months.

In the mean time, it's time to finish up working on the new album.  Hopefully we'll have it all written and recorded by the end of January....but we'll see how that goes.....


Your home needs a painting....

October tour! East Coast fun times!


So we just got back from our 10 day tour with Daphne Lee Martin.  It was a blast touring around New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (with a pinch of West Virginia) with her and keyboardist Isaac Young (who is in a great band called Phonosynthesis).  They're both good friends, and the good and bad times on the road were always made better by being with friends.  Thank you to everyone who came out to a show.  At most of the shows, it seems that people called "fans" showed up.  When you start a band, it's always jarring the first time that people come to see you purposefully that aren't friends or family.  That seems to be happening more and more these days.  Things feel like they're building and happening.  Thank you so so so so so much for coming out.  After all, you are our boss.  

Shows are far from done, though!  We have two shows tomorrow:

September 27 - Bristol, CT - Mum Festival    2:15 PM   (early show!)

September 27 - New Haven, CT - Anna Liffey's    9:30 PM  (late show!)


On top of that, we're playing every single night between Oct 1 and 24.  Check out this fancy calender (or go to the tour dates page for more info on each show):

BOOM.  See you on the road.




Updated tour dates! (41 left in 2014!)

I AM FESTIVAL - Full band show!!!


Oh man, the I AM FESTIVAL is the biggest festival to happen every year in our musical hometown of New London, CT.  Countless of incredibly bands have played it in years past, and this year we finally get to join the fray.  We're playing at 3:30 on the stage at the Hygenic Art Park.  AND the wonderful Kevin and Marc are going to be joining us for a full band show as well.  

PLUS THE ENTIRE EVENT IS FREE!!!  Do yourself a favor and come down.  Here's the schedule:


Cannot wait.


Keene Music Festival, Aug. 30


Quick update today:

We're playing at the Keene Music Festival in Keene, NH in a few days (Saturday Aug. 30).  Though we haven't played there in a few years, Keene is a very special place for us.  It was the first town that we actually gained a bit of a following in.  Honestly, I'm not sure how much of that following is still there (BACKSTORY: we used to play at a place called The Starving Artist, which was wonderful and exactly the type of venue that fit us.  It closed, unfortunately, and no other venue in town ever returns my emails....), but we're more than happy to go back and see.

The KMF is also the first festival we've ever played.  It kind of happened on a fluke too, but it was more than fun.  Keene is also very nearby a camp I used to work at when I was younger, so this town has a lot of nostalgia around it for me as well.  I can't wait to go back, shop at Turn It Up, hang out in the gazebo, see our friends from the 123's and the Mild Revolution, and overall have a wonderful time.

I highly encourage you to come out if you can.  We play two sets, one at 2:30 and one at 6.


Big Tour Announcement!


We're going to have a busy fall.  Come celebrate life (and death) with us.


Links to the venues and more info on the tour dates page.  See you soon!


Taking the summer slow...


Hey guys, so as you can see, we've been taking the summer fairly slow.  No big tours, no album releases, no recording, etc.  That doesn't mean we haven't been busy, though.  Elizabeth has been doing art for herself for the first time since before we started Pocket Vinyl and she's involved in some art festivals, including the Mystic Art Show on August 9 and 10.  Come out to that if you want to get some art from her without the crippling fear of someone outbidding you.  

We also still do have a good amount of shows coming up in September and October.  Here's a run down:



We'll announce some September shows soon as well, including a week long run with Daphne Lee Martin!  She's a wonderful/fellow New London musician like us, and is well worth your attention.  I actually played on a few songs on her album "Moxie".

Come on out to a show soon and connect with us!  Big touring plans for October, too, and hopefully we'll FINALLY hit the west coast in the winter/spring.  Maybe our biggest single tour yet.


"Death Anxiety" wins Album of the Year!


Hey everyone, so sweet news:

This last weekend "Death Anxiety" won the Album of the Year award at the Whalie Awards in New London, CT.  As with any music awards, that is the king of all awards.  We're so incredibly joyful about this news.  


If you haven't heard "Death Anxiety", might I suggest you head over to our bandcamp page and check out the AOTY yourself.  

In other news, Elizabeth and I are enjoying the home life, trying to write new music and create new art.  But if you're in CT, we currently do have a residency at The Oasis Pub in New London, CT every Wednesday this month!  So please come down once or twice and have fun with us on a hump day.


Old lyrics up, poster for residency


Hey guys, so a bunch of people have asked for the lyrics to our older albums to be put up, so I've now done that on our lyrics page.  Just click it to the right and scroll down to find any song off our 3 full length albums.

Secondly, here's a nice poster for our upcoming residency.  Come on out if you can!


Residency at the Oasis Pub in New London, CT


OK so some cool news: the good folks at the Oasis Pub have given us a performing residency every Wednesday for the month of June!  This means that come Wednesday night, we'll be there playing a show, and each week we'll be inviting different friends, from near and far, to perform as well.  We have a few more surprises as well.  I'll get into more details about it later, but if you're free on Wednesday and in eastern CT, come on to the Oasis Pub for some good fun.  

June 4 - New London, CT - Wednesday Residency at the Oasis Pub - 9 PM

June 11 - New London, CT - Wednesday Residency at the Oasis Pub - 9 PM

June 18 - New London, CT - Wednesday Residency at the Oasis Pub - 9 PM

June 25 - New London, CT - Wednesday Residency at the Oasis Pub - 9 PM

We still have a bunch of other shows as well, but this is the first residency we've ever had, so we're pretty pumped.  


And just a reminder, our board game Pushee Pieces is still up on Kickstarter and we have a ways to go, so please help us and yourself out and become a backer!  I promise the game is fun.  I PROMISE YOU GUYS


We made a board game!


So here's a little thing Elizabeth and I have been working on for the last few months:


We're trying to make a board game!  It's a microgame that's only $9 and if you enjoy tabletop games like we do, I encourage you to check it out.

HOWEVER, we are still very much doing shows and such.  There is always something happening on our tour page, so keep that in mind.  We're actually playing tonight in Torrington, CT and at least one new song will debut....




Daytrotter! New chiptune 7" "Mario is Dead"!


Two wonderful things to share with you.

Firstly, the good people at Daytrotter have posted our session we recorded with them.  It's 4 songs from Death Anxiety, including an acoustic version of "Foggy Mess" that some folks have been asking for.  If you don't use Daytrotter, you can sign up for a free trial and download the session (and many, many others from Wilco, Bon Iver, Bright Eyes, MGMT, and countless others).  Check it out!

Secondly, you can now preorder our upcoming Record Store Day 7" called "Mario is Dead"!  It features the songs "Death Anxiety" and "Potential" reimaged as chiptune songs, as if played on an old Gameboy.  The thing is....the manufacturer is a little late, so you won't actually get the 7" on April 19 for Record Store Day.  BUT STILL, you can go listen to the songs right now on our bandcamp page, as well as preorder the 7" and/or download the songs.  I think you'll find them to be quite awesome.

We're home from tour now as well, and it feels great.  But we still have plenty of local New England dates over the next few months, including this Saturday at the Telegraph in New London, CT for Record Store Day.  Hopefully we'll see you then!


Tour Update, many new shows added


So we're in Topeka, KS right now, playing at the Boobie Trap tonight.  We've been on the road for a month, and have a week to go.  On this tour, we've both been very sick and had shows cancel, but for some reason we only have good memories over the past few weeks.  Thanks to everyone who has come out.  It means a lot to us that we're still doing this after nearly 3 years full time.

Anyway, I just updated the tour page with a lot more dates coming up over the next few months in New England and the Northeast.  Here are the dates (so far):

April 19 - The Telegraph for RECORD STORE DAY - New London, CT   6 PM

April 26 - 2 FESTIVAL SHOWS in Connecticut:

                    - 12 PM (Noon) - Willistock Festival at Eastern Connecticut State University on the Webb Lawn

                    - 4:30 PM - the Meridian Daffodil Festival in Meridian, CT

May 3 - Torrington, CT - The Desultory Theater Club     8 PM

May 9 - Feeding Hills, MA - The Underground Cafe    8:30 PM

May 10 - New London, CT - The Oasis Pub   10 PM

May 16 - Binghamton, NY - Fitzie's Pub    9 PM   

May 18 - Kingston, NY - The Anchor    9:30 PM

May 23 - Albany, NY - Emack and Bolio's   8 PM

May 24 - Bristol, CT - TBA

June 29 - Becket, MA - Dream Away Lodge   

July 17 - Montpilier, VT - Sovversiva    7 PM

July 18 - 2 SHOWS in Burlington, VT:

               - 5:30 PM at the Monkey House

               - 10:30 PM at Radio Bean

July 19 - Morrisville, VT - The Bees Knees   

August 30 - Keene Music Festival  



We're mostly going to keep away from big tours until the fall when we'll likely hit every state down the coast and rummage around the south a bit.  Hopefully by that time I'll get a lot of writing done this summer so we can insert some new songs into the set lists.  

Also......in about a month.....we've yet to officially announce anything, but a new Kickstarter will be launched by us that is non-music related and very board game related.  Kind of a side project I've been working on for a while.  We'll let you know when it happens.


Tour update, music comp


So the tour is going pretty well so far.  All things considered anyway.  I got a bad fever yesterday and we had to cancel our show in New Hope, PA at the Triumph Brewing Co.  We've played there before and we feel terrible for having to had cancel it.  But we'll reschedule it for another time I'm sure, so if you were planning on coming, rain check.

Tonight we're in Harrisonburg, VA at Common Grounds, a coffee shop on Eastern Mennonite University's campus.  Show starts at 9 and should be fun.  We played here before and my memories of that show only tell me good things.  After the fever yesterday, a good show would be exactly what we need tonight.

ALSO, a new online zine called "Wake Magazine" considered us good enough to appear on their monthly compilation!  We're honored to be among such great bands.  It's a free download and if you're looking for new music, I'm sure you'll find a lot of great bands on it.  Check it out.






So yeah, all the dates for the tour are right here.  For a more visual perspective, check out this detailed map.  Since google has yet to invent more alphabet letters, it has to be in two parts:

Look, we know that first one has no "Z".  Lay off.  

While you're laying off, come to a show!  Or please tell a friend who you think might enjoy what we do.  The momentum that we're actually doing something and affecting people and all that stuff us artists want to do seems to be palpable.  Hopefully we'll see you in the next 5 weeks!


Online Art Auction!

Resting, but new tour dates!


So we're taking a breather for a little bit here.  Only 2 shows in February, but then 5 big weeks in March/April!  We just posted the shows on our tour dates page so go take a look.  We finally are getting our first Kentucky and West Virginia shows!  Hope to see you out there when the time comes.  


"The Life Assurance Tour" 2014


First off, this guy thought we made the 2nd best album of 2013!  How awesome!

Secondly, we're currently #1 on the charts at this internet radio!  SWEET!

Alright, so this Friday, we're doing a bit of a tour of Michigan, Indiana, and a few places all around there.  Come and we promise to do our best to give you a good time.  Here are the dates (which are also located on our tour page): 


Jan. 10 - Sandusky, OH - Hermes Vineyard    8 PM

Jan. 11 - Ann Arbor, MI - Yellow Barn      8 PM

Jan. 12 - Ypsilanti, MI - Woodruff's      10 PM

Jan. 13 - Ferndale, MI - The Party Mansion     7 PM

Jan. 14 - East Lansing, MI - (SCENE) Metrospace      8 PM

Jan. 15 - Kalamazoo, MI - Old Dog Tavern   9 PM

Jan. 16 - Beverly Shores, IN - Bartlett's      8 PM

Jan. 17 - Valparaiso, IN - Front Porch Music      8 PM

Jan. 18 - Chesterton, IN - House show! (open to public)   6 PM

Jan. 19 - Chesterton, IN - Duneland Community Church    4 PM

Jan. 20 - Portage, IN - The Tri-Engel   6:30 PM

Jan. 22 - Chicago, IL - JPUSA     

Jan. 23 - Toledo, OH - Ottawa Tavern    9 PM

Jan. 24 - Jamestown, NY - Mojo's    11 PM

Jan. 26 - Williamsport, PA - Bullfrog Brewery   8 PM


Lastly, we now have special "Pocket Vin-Ale" beer koozies on our merch table!  Only a few bucks each, but as always, pay-what-you-want too.  See you on the road!


Pocket Vinyl in 2014


I think for the last 10 years or so, on every New Year's Eve I think to myself "This is the year...."  

The year for what?  I have no idea.  The year we make it in the music industry, maybe?  The year everyone finally sees me the way I see myself?  That's a scary thought.  Probably not that one, as I tend to think of this phrase I say as something more optimistic.  Right now I'd like to think that a year from now, we'll have a record contract and be touring Europe and Asia, and we'll have a whole new crop of (hopefully good) songs.  

Maybe.  Probably not.  More than likely, by this time next year we'll be around our 400th show, have a slightly higher facebook "like" count, will have made a bunch of amazing paintings, and will be heading on the slow and steady path we've been on since 2010.  We probably won't be a buzz band, have a viral video, make a sleeper hit record, or garner much attention outside of the fans we meet and make at each show.  

And frankly, that sounds awesome to me.  From my research, it seems that most bands who become the flavor of the month leave just as quickly, and those who put in the work over many years and gather their fans gradually are in it for the lifetime.  That's what we're aiming for.

Perhaps I'm coming off as pretentious.  I apologize if so.  But I've always wanted to be very transparent about our goals (obviously) and doing this for the rest of our lives is certainly one of those.

If you're reading this, I'm impressed.  Thanks.  This post isn't even a drop in the ocean that is the internet.  Thanks for being interested in us thus far and hopefully you'll stick with us as we move forward.  

Ugh.....suddenly this post feels weird with a forced "thank you" vibe.  Gross.  Sorry for that.  Come to a show, please.  You are our boss.


"Gimme Shelter" trailer!


OK so here is a pretty big deal: it turns out that our song "Stand Point Theory" from our first album is a song some folks in Hollywood want to use.  So we said yes, and then everyone celebrated.  The movie they used it for is called "Gimme Shelter" and it stars Branden Fraser, James Earl Jones, and Vanessa Hudgens among others.  It's technically an "indie movie" but frankly, I'm sure they still spent millions on it.  Looks like it anyway.  

ANYWAYS, the song is featured in the first part of the trailer, and you can now watch it right here.  Enjoy: 



"Don't" Music Video


Time to show off our stiff and jagged dance moves.  Here is the first video off "Death Anxiety" for the first track "Don't".  It's a song about someone telling me once that I was gong to hell.  "Huh," I thought then.  It's a big of an angry song but not really a spiteful song at all, just want to be clear on that.  Anyway, enjoy:


Beer Cozies!


So first off, this tour has been amazing so far.  We've performed for lots of wonderful people, and we're definitely starting to tell that things seem to be building.  We're getting a lot of great comments about the new album and more importantly, having a lot of great conversations about death with many different people.  It's been great.

We're still on tour and will be for a while, so please come out and see us if you can.  Bring some friends who might like it too, please.  That's how we build this thing....

Lastly, some Pocket Vinyl beer cozies are going to be appearing on our merch table and probably also online.  Elizabeth is finishing up the picture that will be on them and we'll post that soon. 


See you on the road!


"Death Anxiety" out now!!!!!!


The article title pretty much says it all!  "Death Anxiety" is now released worldwide!  Go purchase/listen to it right here, right now!!!

If you're in New England, don't forget about our HUGE album release party tonight at the Hygenic Art Gallery.  There will be:



-beer and wine YET STILL ALL AGES

-a bigger painting that Elizabeth has ever done before

-a full band playing PV songs



I encourage you to come if you can.  At the very least, enjoy the new album wherever you may be.


"Heaven, Hell, or Nihilism" lyric video


Here's the first public song from our new record "Death Anxiety".  Enjoy!


Album Release Show in New London, CT

"Death Anxiety" out October 26


OK so one month from tomorrow on October 26, our 3rd album "Death Anxiety" will be released!!!!

We're celebrating with a special show at the Hygenic Art Gallery in New London, CT.  This show will be FULL BAND.  That's right, the first big show with bass and drums.  Local favorite Elison Jackson will also be joining us for the evening. 

AND, on top of all that, it'll be a Halloween party.  So come dressed up. 


We've got two shows this weekend in Feeding Hills, MA and Mansfield, CT, so come out if you can.  Plus, we've added a bunch more tour dates.  Check them out.


Death Anxiety album cover



Elizabeth made this.  It's all one continuous line.  Is it weird to say I'm impressed with my own band's album cover?  Well, I am.  I'm a fairly big fan of Elizabeth's. 


Lyrics for "Death Anxiety" up now


Hey folks,

So due to request from a few of the Kickstarter backers, I've put up lyrics for all the songs on our upcoming 3rd album "Death Anxiety".  Kickstarter backers have been enjoying the acoustic version of the album for a few weeks now, but whether you're one of them or not, you can still check out the lyrics if you're interested.  They're right here.  Or you can click the "Lyrics" link on the left menu bar.

Personally, I feel like these are far and above the best lyrics I've yet written.  I'm very proud of them and can't wait for everyone to hear the full versions. 


"Gun Bae!" We released a new EP!


We're thankful to have you as a listener.  Please enjoy.



We're in Korea!


Happy 4th of July everyone!  In reality, when everyone in the states is now about to go watch fireworks, it's 7 AM on July 5th for Elizabeth and I here in Korea.  Why are we in Korea?  Well, Elizabeth and I worked over here a few years ago teaching English.  We still have many friends over here and, long story short, the opportunity to come back and visit kind of fell into our laps and we decided to take it.  So now we're here! 

But Pocket Vinyl is not dead, just conserving it's energy.  In fact, within a few weeks, we'll be releasing an EP of new songs not appearing on the album.  Plus, the real album is getting mixed and mastered.  We're still aiming for an October release with that. 

Hopefully, we'll also release a music video or two before then as well.  We have plenty of ideas still hanging around.

Just wanted to give you all an update.  I hope you're having a great summer!


WE WON!!!!



Yay!  We won two Whalies this year!  If you're unfamiliar, they're eastern CT's mini-version of the Grammy's for local music.  We won two People's Choice awards for "Best Indie Pop" and "Best Music Video" (for "I Hear Colors").  More than anything else, these are incredibly important because they both pretty much just mean that you all gave them to us.  It wasn't a bunch of critics, but our fans.  That definitely means quite a bit.  So thank you to all who voted!  Wooo!!

Also, how awesome does Elizabeth's hair look?  She did something weird with it and made it all sexy and curly.  So good.


Kickstarter success, recording, shows in June, Korea


Well if you haven't already discovered, our kickstarter was a HUGE success.  And frankly, it far surpassed what we were expecting.  So thank you to everyone who donated and we'll deliver this album in October!

Speaking of, we're very deep in the recording process.  So far we've recorded the whole acoustic album, and have done piano, drums, and some weird noises for the fully orchestrated version.  It sounds fairly epic.  Our very good friend Marc Bryan is playing drums and bass.  He's knew to the PV recording team, but he's fitting in perfectly.  He comes from a background of playing in hardcore bands.  This basically just means that he hits the drums very hard and very fast (at times).  This has translated into what seems to be becoming the hardest PV record yet. 

In short: it's going to rock very hard.

This week we'll be doing bass, vocals, and by next week we'll add all the extra strings, horns, etc. and then we'll be done!  You may ask why this album is coming out in October when we're finished with it so soon.  Well, we're actually going to Korea in July and August!  Long story short, Elizabeth and I got a non-pocket-vinyl-related opportunity to head over there to work for a few months, and we figured "why not?"  So once we get back in September, we'll get everything together to release the album and start touring again! 

Plus, while in Korea, we may make a music video or something.  We'll see.

Lastly, our calender looks empty compared to earlier this year, but we still have two shows in the new few weeks.  Here's they are:

June 8 -  Chester, MA - At a cafe at this address (@6:30 PM)

June 14 - Torrington, CT - The Artwell Gallery  (@ 8 PM)


Eric Interviews Eric


Only 7 days left on our Kickstarter!  We're almost there!  Please consider becoming a backer if you haven't already.

In a clearly desperate attempt into getting more people to contribute, we made this video.  Enjoy, lovers.




Rest of the tour cancelled....


Sorry to bring it to this, but we've had to cancel the last week of our tour.  Elizabeth and I are just terribly exhausted and couldn't go on anymore.  Instead of writing a big long post about why that few of you will read fully, here's the bullet point version:

-Elizabeth was getting stress headaches daily

-I (who hardly ever gets sick) got sick twice in the last month

-We were overall sleep deprived

-Both of us had times where we burst into tears because of exhaustion

-We have basically been on the road for nearly all of 2013 so far, which just thinking about makes me tired


Perhaps that's not a very long list, but it was certainly enough.  I must stress that the shows themselves were AWESOME.  Always were.  Always will be.  Those were wonderful oasis points among the down time which you guys all made wonderful.  Thank you for that. 

For now, we're going to finish our Kickstarter campaign, record a new album, and rest from touring for the most part. 

Thanks for understanding everyone.  We very much appreciate your patience with us on this.


250th show, 2 weeks left


Alright, so only 2 weeks left.  Besides a week and a half back home, we've basically been on the road since Jan. 9.  4 long months.  It's been fun but also tiring and we're looking forward to a break.  Only 2 weeks left!

Also, we achieved yet another goal in that we played our 250th show on Friday night.  To be fair, it wasn't a very good show, but it was an achievement nonetheless.  That goal list sure is starting to get crossed off. 

Indianapolis tonight, and then a bunch of dates in Ohio and New York over the next two weeks (plus one in PA and one in CT).  Hopefully we'll see you soon.


Kickstarter launch!!!!


OK so we've debated doing this for a while now, and we're going to give it a shot to see how it goes.  We're launching a kickstarter project to help raise funding for our next album!  You can check it out here!  Here are some of rewards you can get from backing:

-a homemade scarf!

-paintings! (obviously)

-a backer-only t-shirt!


-make Eric dye his hair!



Aaaaaaaand a whole lot more!  So if you think the new PV album would be something you'd like to support, please go poke around the kickstarter page and consider backing the project.  Thank you so much!  Exciting times!




OK well holy crap.  Tonight was pretty amazing.  We had a 5 PM show at JD's Bar in Green Bay, WI.  At first, we weren't sure a 5 PM show on a Sunday afternoon would work, but man oh man were we wrong.  Long story short, the painting sold for a record-breaking $700!!!!  I cannot believe that.  Even writing it seems fake.  It's so weird that it went for so much.  I figured that anytime a painting would go for that much, we'd be playing to 300+ people.  There were maybe 30 at the bar, tops. 

It still feels unreal.

Well, congrats to our good man Doug to won the painting.  We'll post pictures of the highest painting sold yet soon.  At the very least, I'd like to give a wonderful shout out to Green Bay, for being a wonderfully giving city.  We'll certainly be back soon, my good friends.

Take love, everyone.


Actual tour starting again...


So after SXSW, we had over a week of sickness and rest, in which we played no shows.  It was kind of weird to be so far from home and playing no shows at all.  BUT now we're back on track and have a whole month of shows across the mid-west.  Go to our tour page to check them out.

By the way, SXSW sucked.  It's not about music.  It's all about getting drunk at noon and seeing 1 minute of as many shows as possible.  We won't be returning next year.  If you're in a band thinking about going, I wouldn't recommend it.  That said, I'm glad we did just for the experience and to say we did, you know?

We've lacked in posting any painting photos recently.  Very sorry about that.  They will be up soon!

That's it for now.  Elizabeth is catching up on her blog posts, so if you want to check out more of our adventures, head over to her blog site.


SXSW: This is it


If you're at SXSW.  Come see us sometime in the next few days.  Here's where we're playing:

Links to the shows are on our tour page.  See you good folks there!


We're back on the road!!!


After a week and a half of rest, we're back on the road for another 2 months.  We're heading to SXSW, our first time going there.  I've been reading about the festival for quite a long time now, and it's very surreal that we'll be taking part in it.  I hope it's a good experience all around! 

Anyway, besides that, we have tons of shows, all through the midwest before and after the festival.  Check out our tour dates, invite some friends, and come see us.  (Please.)


New Pockumentary!


Here's a new, short pockumentary about our latest tour.  Enjoy, my sweets:


More tour dates, new website coming soon


OK so we're back from the first leg of the Little Dog tour and it was a smashing success!  Our most encouraging and fun tour to date!  Now we're home and resting until Feb. 28th, where we head out yet again.  By the way, we added a few new dates to our tour schedule, so please check that out.

Also, we recently did a couple photo-shoots and with that, we'll be updating the look of our website.  You can hopefully expect the changes coming in a week or two....you know, after we finish our taxes, new t-shirts, booking, and everything else our "restful" period entails.


39 (and counting) New Tour Dates!


Despite our setback earlier this week, we've just posted 39 more tour dates, and we'll be adding 10 to 15 more in the coming weeks.  This tour includes a trip to SXSW!!!  Here are the dates:


February 6 - Greenbelt, MD - New Deal Cafe   7 PM

February 7 - California, PA - House Concert

February 8 - Pittsburgh, PA - Shadow Lounge   6 PM

February 12 - Corning, NY - Holmes Plate

February 13 - Rochester, NY - Vineyard Community Space  8 PM

Feb. 23 - Mystic, CT - The Workshop

Feb. 28 - Marlton, NJ - Malton United Methodist Church   7 PM

March 1 - Lancaster, PA - Art's House

March 2 - Roanoke, VA - The Bazaar  9 PM

March 3 - Johnson City, TN - Acoustic Coffee House  8 PM

March 5 - Nashville, TN - House Show (w/ Fable Cry!)

March 6 - Memphis, TN - Brass Door   9:30

March 7 - Little Rock, AR - House Show

March 8 - Little Rock, AR - The Hollow House   10 PM

March 9 - Hot Springs, AR - Artchurch Studios

March 10 - Dallas, TX - Opening Bell Coffee  3 PM

March 12 - 16  SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST FESTIVAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                   -2 showcases confirmed, details to come

March 16 - San Antonia, TX - The Raven Hookah Lounge   10:30 PM

March 20 - Houston, TX - Super Happy Fun Land

March 25 - Tulsa, OK - Soundpony Lounge  10 PM

March 26 - Wichita, KS - Rock Island Live

March 27 - Kansas City, MO - Riot Room  Bands start at 8:30, we're on at 9:45

March 28 - Lawrence, KS - TBA

March 29 - Topeka, KS - Boobie Trap    10 PM

March 30 - Omaha, NE - Barley St. Tavern

March 31 - Lincoln, NE - Duffy's   9:30   PM

April 1 - Des Moines, IA - Gas Lamp

April 2 - Ames, IA - Zeke's   7 PM

April 3 - Dubuque, IA - Monk's

April 4 - Winona, MN - Acoustic Cafe   7 PM

April 5 - La Crosse, WI - The Root Note

April 6 - Eau Claire, WI - Acoustic Cafe   8 PM

April 7 - Green Bay, WI - JD's Bar

April 8 - Madison, WI - Rigby Pub

April 9 - Milwaukee, WI - Bremen's Cafe  10 PM

April 10 - Wheaton, IL - Wheaton College

April 13 - Terra Haute, IN - The Verve

April 18 - Toledo, OH - Ottawa Tavern

April 19 - Sandusky, OH - Hermes Vineyards   8:30 PM

April 22 - Canton, OH - BuzzBin Art & Music Shop    9:30 PM

April 23 - Houghton, NY - Java 101

April 26 - Wellsboro, PA - Warehouse Theater 

April 27 - Utica, NY - The Tram  8 PM


Holy moley that's a lot of dates.  More to come!


We got robbed


So yesterday morning, we awoke to find that our car was broken into and we had about $1500 worth of stuff stolen out of it.  Thankfully they didn't take any of our performing equipment, so we can still continue touring.  However, it is definitely a bit hit to our morale and finances.

If you haven't purchased an album or two of ours, it would mean a lot if you could go to our bandcamp page and pick one up.  Even the cost of an album goes a long way in our pockets.  We'd very much appreciate the help.  Thanks guys.


Get a free painting from Elizabeth!


Alright so we hit 1000 likes on facebook!  A fairly big achievement for a small band in 2013.  We're incredibly happy that so many people have drawn their digital lines in the digital sand on our side.  In celebration of this, Elizabeth will be doing a free painting for one lucky fan! 

To enter, simply head over to our facebook page and you'll see the post pinned/highlighted at/near the top of the page.  It has the rules and all that good stuff.  We'll pick a winner from those who comment on that status. 

Good luck to all who enter and let's drink this round to the coming 1000 fans. 




Little Dog Tour Update


So here's something we've noticed a bit: people are coming to shows.  Now, usually, we've been ones to just perform to whoever happens to be at whatever venue we're playing at.  Occasionally a friend or two will show up, which is always a wonderful time.  But beyond that, we've rarely had "pull" anywhere.  We've always dreamed of having "fans" and slowly we've built up a little fan base. 

But on this tour, we've noticed that PEOPLE WE'VE NEVER MET are coming to shows PURPOSEFULLY.  Because they ENJOY WHAT WE DO

Those people are called "fans".  And we're starting to have some beyond friends and family.  And so far on this tour, we've played only 7 shows in the last 9 days and COMPLETE STRANGERS WHO KNOW ABOUT US AND LOVE WHAT WE DO HAVE COME TO EACH SHOW.  Now, we're not talking big numbers here.  At the lowest, only 2 or 3 people depending on which show we're talking about.  BUT STILL, THIS IS FAR MORE THAN 0 PEOPLE AND IS INCREDIBLY REWARDING TO HAVE.

All this is to say: we're moving up in the music business.  It's almost like a promotion or something.  It shows that people enjoy our music, and are spreading it beyond what Google Alerts tells me every day.  This is so amazingly awesome. 

Thank you so much to all new and old fans for coming to shows, talking about us to friends, and enjoying what we do.  It means much more than you realize.

In other news, Elizabeth's art is turning out quite a bit different on this tour.  She's painting on rectangles and is leaning more towards realism rather than her usual fantastical approach.  I, for one, am proud of her and think it's all awesome.  Check out this beauty from our Desperados show in Washington D.C. the other night:

Amazing.  We're still on tour for the next month.  Check out our dates and come to a show or tell your friends to!


We officially leave our homes today...


Well, we've had a few starter shows, but today our life on the road for the next 5 weeks is a go!  We unfortunately has YET ANOTHER gig cancel in Baltimore this Monday. 


that doesn't mean this tour won't be awesome.  Here are the dates.  Please pray that no more get cancelled:

2013: The Little Dog Tour

(Dates may be subject to change)


January 11 - Bristol, CT - Bare Bones   8 PM

January 12 - Lancaster, PA - thefirstfloor    7 PM

January 15 - Washington, DC - Desperados   9 PM

January 16 - Alexandria, VA - St. Elmo's   8 PM

January 17 - Broadway, PA - Plan B    8 PM

January 18 - Staunton, VA - Pompei Lounge    8 PM

January 19 - Richmond, VA - Spider Fortress

January 20 - Jamestown, NC - Turntable Inc.  7 PM

January 22 -Greensboro, NC - Karate Dungeon     

January 23 - Greenville, NC - Tipsy Teapot    11 PM

January 24 - Wilmington, NC - Orton's  

January 27 - Jacksonville, FL - Shantytown Pub     9 PM

January 28 - Jacksonville, FL - Burro Bar   9 PM

January 29 - Atlanta, GA - WonderRoot

January 30 - Johnson City, TN - Hospitality House   (email us for directions)   8 PM

January 31 - Johnson City, TN - Acoustic Coffee House   8 PM

February 1 - Blacksburg, VA - Deet's at Virginia Tech   9 PM

February 2 - Blacksburg, VA - XYZ Gallery   7 PM

February 4 - Arlington, VA - The Galaxy Hut   9 PM

February 5 - Frostburg, MD - Dante's Bar

February 6 - Greenbelt, MD - New Deal Cafe   7 PM

February 7 - California, PA - House Concert

February 8 - Pittsburgh, PA - Shadow Lounge   6 PM

February 13 - Rochester, NY - Monroe Community Center  8 PM

February 14 - Corning, NY - place TBA



See you soon!  Please tell your friends and spread the word.  Thank you so much for being a fan.


Some shows got cancelled


So in the last 2 days, 4 shows have canceled for this upcoming tour.  Some have been for renovations, one was that the bar went other, and one was just kind of not happening for whatever reason.  Regardless, just wanted to update you guys with the current tour schedule now.  Sorry if a show you were planning on going to got cancelled. 

If there is any open date you see that you'd like us to play in your living room or basement or whatever, please let us know.

Here's the current schedule:

January 9 - New London, CT - Bean & Leaf   7 PM

January 10 - Redding, CT - Redding Road House  8 PM

January 11 - Bristol, CT - Bare Bones   8 PM

January 12 - Lancaster, PA - thefirstfloor    7 PM

January 14 - Baltimore, MD - Club K

January 15 - Washington, DC - Desperados   9 PM

January 16 - Alexandria, VA - St. Elmo's   8 PM

January 17 - Broadway, PA - Plan B    8 PM

January 18 - Staunton, VA - Pompei Lounge    8 PM

January 19 - Richmond, VA - Spider Fortress

January 20 - Jamestown, NC - Turntable Inc.  7 PM

January 22 -Greensboro, NC - Karate Dungeon     

January 23 - Greenville, NC - Tipsy Teapot    11 PM

January 24 - Wilmington, NC - Orton's  

January 27 - Jacksonville, FL - Shantytown Pub     9 PM

January 28 - Jacksonville, FL - Burro Bar   9 PM

January 29 - Atlanta, GA - WonderRoot

January 30 - Johnson City, TN - Hospitality House   (email us for directions)   8 PM

January 31 - Johnson City, TN - Acoustic Coffee House   8 PM

February 1 - Blacksburg, VA - Deet's at Virginia Tech   9 PM

February 2 - Blacksburg, VA - XYZ Gallery   7 PM

February 4 - Arlington, VA - The Galaxy Hut   9 PM

February 5 - Frostburg, MD - Dante's Bar

February 6 - Greenbelt, MD - New Deal Cafe   7 PM

February 7 - California, PA - House Concert

February 8 - Pittsburgh, PA - Shadow Lounge   6 PM

February 13 - Rochester, NY - Monroe Community Center  8 PM

February 14 - Corning, NY - place TBA


Let's hope nothing else cancels.  Cheers.


MP1 is here!!! Listen! Purchase! Feel joy like us!


The world's first MP is now here!  Go listen to it right now!

It's also our first "pocket vinyl", which is kind of a cool thing.  Elizabeth is making a deluxe edition that are ACTUAL POCKETS that hold the records.  Only 40 are being made.  You can come get one tonight at the 7" release show, or when they're available online tomorrow morning.  Fun stuff!  Here's a picture to see what the regular editions are like:


As always, the packaging is designed by Elizabeth and handmade in our home.  Isn't the blue and orange fun?  We're pretty proud of these little darlings.

Have you not gone and listened to it yet?  Go now!


7" released tomorrow, one more commercial

TONIGHT: Feeding Hills, MA - The Underground Cafe 8:30 PM

TOMORROW: New London, CT - The Oasis 10 PM  (7" release show w/ the Weird Beards)

So tomorrow is the day you can finally get Pocket Vinyl on a pocket vinyl.  We'll release it tomorrow on our bandcamp page where you can get digital and physical copies of it.  It'll be on itunes, spotify, and other digital markets soon. 

If you live near New London, CT, you can also get it at the Telegraph record store.  They're kind enough to be putting it out on the stores label and they'd appreciate any support you can give them.

Here's one last commercial for you good folks:


2 more commercials for the new 7" (Out Jan. 5)

MP1 Commercial featuring new song

Shows added, Goals added


Just a few quick updates.  We've added two new shows to our upcoming tour. 


January 19 - Richmond VA - Spider Fortress (DIY space.... we'll release the address for it soon)

January 29 - Atlanta, GA - WonderRoot


All the rest of the shows can be found here.  Also, we added a new goal of trying to get on a Familyre Christmas album sometime in the future.  I encourage you to check out the volumes already released.  It's Christmas music that's a bit quirkier and weirder than your average holiday tunes, but it contains some great gems in there.  (I personally recommend Track 1 on Vol. 4)


Merry Christmas!





Help with death lyrics


Alright so I'm in the process of writing songs for the new album.  They're all somewhat centered around the idea of death.  There's one song in particular that I'm unsure of how to phrase the lyrics.  That's where you come in.

If you have anything to say about death, be it your emotions with it, a memory of someone dying in your life, what you think will happen afterwards, how you see it, etc. please send it to me.  There are no wrong answers.  I'm just looking for other people's reactions and feelings about death, whatever that means to you.  I'm not saying I promise to use what you send me, but I'm merely looking for different perspectives for inspiration.  I may even quote you if you decide to write a poem or something. 

This is all just an experiment I thought might be fun.  Please send us something on facebook or email us if you're interested.  Thanks guys!


Oh also, to help the loading on the front page, I've now archived all old news.  To access it for any reason, hover your mouse over the news tab and click on the drop down "Archived News" link.