Pocket Vinyl

Announcing: The Little Dog Tour


We're going to be heading out on a nice short-ish (for us) 5 week tour this Jan./Feb. up and down the east coast.  I'll be honest: this tour is mainly due to a goal of ours that is a east coast tour from Maine to Florida.  And though we're NOT playing in Maine on this specific tour, we have many times in the past, and hey, I figure now that we'll finally play in Florida, we'll be able to cross that one off soon.  Anyway, here are the dates:


2013: The Little Dog Tour

(Dates may be subject to change)

January 5 - New London, CT - The Oasis

      -This will be our special 7" release date show!  Lots of new songs and special stuff!  Plus, the local favorites The Weird Beards are also playing!

January 9 - New London, CT - Bean & Leaf

January 10 - Redding, CT - Redding Road House

January 11 - Bristol, CT - Bare Bones

January 12 - Lancaster, PA - thefirstfloor

January 13 - Baltimore, MD - Bohemian Coffee House

January 14 - Baltimore, MD -House Concert Birthday Party

January 15 - Washington, DC - Paperhaus

January 16 - Alexandria, VA - St. Elmo's

January 17 - Broadway, PA - Plan B

January 18 - Staunton, VA - Pompei Lounge

January 20 - Mills River, NC - House Concert

January 21 -Boone, NC - Alchemy Coffee

January 22 -Greensboro, NC - Karate Dungeon

January 23 - Greenville, NC - Tipsy Teapot

January 24 - Wilmington, NC - Orton's

January 25 - Charleston, SC - Homemade Genius  (email us for directions)

January 26 - Savannah, GA - Screamin' Mimi's

January 27 - Jacksonville, FL - Shantytown Pub

January 28 - Jacksonville, FL - Burro Bar

January 30 - Johnson City, TN - Hospitality House   (email us for directions)

January 31 - Johnson City, TN - Acoustic Coffee House

February 1 - Blacksburg, VA - Deet's at Virginia Tech

February 2 - Blacksburg, VA - XYZ Gallery

February 4 - Arlington, VA - The Galaxy Hut

February 5 - Frostburg, MD - Dante's Bar

February 6 - Greenbelt, MD - New Deal Cafe

February 7 - California, PA - House Concert

February 8 - Pittsburgh, PA - place TBA

February 12 - Rochester, NY - place TBA

February 13 - Corning, NY - place TBA

February 14 - Wellsboro, PA - Deane Center for the Arts


As always, one or two may change and/or one or two may be added/subtracted.  We'll update the schedule if so.  Anyway, it's been a while since our big tour, and all this hibernating in Canada ends this weekend.  We're ready for a new PV season.


MP1 review!


Good news everyone!  The first review of our upcoming 7"  "MP1" has come out!  They thankfully give it a positive review and include word like "ambitious" and "well worth hearing"! Read it here.

You know, we're a pretty small outfit still and reviews are something still a little new to us, and at this point if anyone is going to write something about us, it's more than likely going to be positive because we're not big enough for anyone to care to be negative....but still, this puts a smile on my face.  Love you all.


Next big tour: five weeks down the east coast in Jan./Feb.


OK so I have about 15-ish dates booked for this upcoming tour in January.  We'll be hitting up mostly every state on the east coast, and if you have any suggestions for where we should come, please email us at pocketvinyl@gmail.com or send us something on our facebook page.  Either way, it'll be another huge adventure.  We're hitting the edge of Florida too, for the first time ever.

Other than that, hibernation is going well.  New songs, new ideas, new stuff all around.  Can't wait to share it all.




OK so you may have noticed that besides our show tonight in Brookline, NH, we don't have any more upcoming shows in the very near future.  The reason for this is that we're taking a break and going up to hibernate in Canada.  Long story short, Elizabeth grew up on an Inuit reservation up there, and this may be the last time we're be able to visit it.  SO, that's what we'll be doing.

HOWEVER, at this same time, I will be booking our next tour, which we're hoping to jet out for in early January 2013.  So it's just a few months away.  Around that same time, we will be releasing our first 7" of 11 one-minute-songs, which we're dubbing the world's first MP (for "mini-play").  2013 will start off with a bang in the PV world.

Now, though we won't be touring, we will be busy doing the following things:

1) making a music video or two for some of the 7" songs

2) I (Eric) will be working on new material for an upcoming new full length album


Also, Elizabeth is taking a break from commission work (she's had so many!), but will continue doing that when we get back in December.  So we're still accepting orders (email us at pocketvinyl@gmail.com) though, so feel free to email us.

I think that's it.  Take care everyone.


Brooklyn show cancelled!


We were supposed to play in Brooklyn tonight, but unfortunately, we're unable to make it for personal reasons.  Very sorry if any of you were planning on coming out.  The mini-festival event we were a part of is still going on, and we encourage you to go still, if it sounds interesting to you.  It's a bunch of artists, musicians, fashion designers, etc. getting together to showcase their stuff.  Here are the details.

Thanks for understanding, everyone.

We have one more show in NH tomorrow night, which may be our last show of 2012 (!!!!!).  Come out if you can. 


We had to invent the "Pocket Vinyl Diamond Membership Club"


So we played a couple Maryland shows last week, and our awesome fans Melissa and Rory got their 4th painting!  


I have a suspicion that they're trying to turn her paintings into wallpaper.  It's just a hypothesis at this point, though.  Anyway, here's their 4th painting:

If you've been checking out the latest paintings Elizabeth has done, she's definitely had this Inuit thing going on recently.  As always, I love it.  Her art does no wrong.


Thank you Bangor, Maine!


We drove up 5 hours to Bangor, Maine this last Saturday.  We usually don't drive so far for a single show, but this was an exception for no other reason other than we love playing in Maine.  It seems like every Maine show is always fantastic.  And this was no different.  We've never played in Bangor before, and about 30 or so folks came out to see us.  I can honestly say seeing strangers show up to see you in a new town is one of the most rewarding thing, especially when the venue is a little smaller and it feels full.  The Rock & Art Shop is where we played, and no it's not a record store like I assumed, but rather a rock shop.  They actually sell sweet rocks and rock-related stuff.  That sounds boring on paper but the place is actually fairly amazing.  They have all sort of great pottery and crazy animal skeletons everywhere too.  Check it out if you're in the area.  

Elizabeth also went the way of the Inuit characters again.  I'm loving this new direction:

Good stuff, eh?


Live Lunch Break video, Inuit paintings


Firstly, we did a "Live Lunch Break" thing at New London's local newspaper "The Day" in their offices.  It's kind of like their own tiny desk concerts.  We play a good 7 songs and I generally have loads of silliness.  I even interview Elizabeth is what is probably the most uncomfortable interview she's ever had.  Enjoy!


Secondly, Elizabeth made a painting with an awesome Inuit with horns and floppy ears.  I love her use of space in it, for whatever reason.  I really hope she continues in that direction.  Check it out:

Awesome, right?  So good.  We're in Bangor, ME tonight at the Rock and Art Shop.  Come on out Mainers.


Entire show online


So a wonderful fan of ours taped a show we did at the Keene Music Festival on Sept. 1 and put the entire thing up online as one 45 minute video.  It features 8 songs, including a few new ones not found on any record.  It's pretty crazy that we live in a world where things like this can be put up online.  Anyway, watch Elizabeth's painting go from nothing to everything:


Hessian Lion show cancelled on Friday, Sept. 21


So we've had 4 great shows at the Hessian Lion in Avon, CT in the last year, and we were looking forward to our fifth this coming Friday.  BUT unfortunately, the Hessian Lion closed it's doors for good recently and the show is cancelled.  They had such a great staff and wonderful crowds every time we went.  

If you were one of the few who've seen us there, thank you so much!  Hopefully we'll find another venue to play in that area.

And thanks to the Hessian for always treating us with respect and kindness.  Really sad news.  


Facebook page updates


So if you haven't already, our facebook page is beaming with stuff to enjoy.  We just added a few more paintings pictures that you can check out and if you look back a few days ago, you can see that we were on the front page of a newspaper!  Come hang out.

Good times.

Oh also, Elizabeth and I are going to see this movie called "Sleepwalk With Me" today.  It's a smaller independent movie done by the folks who make the amazing This American Life podcast.  It's mostly likely playing in a theater near(ish) you so I suggest you go see it!  Here's the trailer:


New 7" Announcement (+ some info on it)


Alright, so obviously, it was destined that we'd make a 7" sometime along the line.  I mean, come on: "Pocket Vinyl".  It's right there in the name.  

Before I get into the details of it, I should say that the idea for this came while on tour in the spring.  I was thinking about a 7" and how it's only one (maybe two) song(s) per side.  In trying to think of a way to make the release of one more exciting, I thought about how one could record many 1-minute or less songs and release those on a 7".  It would be like having a full tracked album on a tiny record.  The idea excited me so much that I felt like I had to do it, and the challenge inspired me quite a bit.  So that's what this is.

We're not calling this an "EP" or an "LP" but an "MP" for "Mini Play".  The first of it's kind.  

So here are some details regarding it:

-There will be 10-12 tracks on it. 

-They will each be around the 1-minute mark in length.

-Elizabeth will hand make the artwork and packaging for it again.

-We'll release a very limited number of copies that come with hand sewn cloth pockets (I hope you understand why).

-The release date is undetermined, but it'll probably be released digitally first sometime this fall.


We are extremely excited about this.  I can't wait to hear the first notes when they come through the needle.  As a vinyl lover myself, it will be an eventful moment.  We'll probably post a song or video sometime in October.  

Regardless, this is new music from us which we cannot wait to share with you.  Take Love.


New Paintings posted!, in the studio


Firstly, check out the newest paintings in the 2012 paintings page.  And look!  We have another kid fan who entered into the PV Silver Club:

She demanded that Elizabeth get in the picture with her.  

In other news: we're back in the studio recording a new 7" that we'll release soon.  Details about that will be forthcoming soon.  It's a bit different.....but don't worry, it'll be digital download too, so you non-vinyl people can still participate.

Tonight at the Spot Underground in Providence, RI!  Come if you can please!


New London Double Show Spectacular! (plus: Blue Hair!)


It's been a while since we updated.  Firstly, we opened up for Ezra Furman last night and it was WONDERFUL.  The crowd was very responsive to our set and Ezra Furman and his band killed it.  Also, this other band Golden Bloom played and they were a pleasant surprise too.  One of the best concerts we've been a part of yet.  Very wonderful.

Secondly, check out Elizabeth's blue hair:

Not to be all "get a room you two!" but she's pretty hot.

Thirdly, we're play two shows in New London tomorrow (Fri. Aug. 17).  It's our hometown and they will both be great.  We're using them as a sort of fundraiser for our upcoming 7" we're recording.  Daphne Lee Martin & Raise The Rent (a great Americana band I play piano in sometimes) is also playing.  Here's what you can look forward to in this night:

-Elizabeth doing 2 live paintings!  One with PV AND one with Raise the Rent

-Other art Elizabeth has done for sale

-Special prizes for a select few in the crowd

-A whole lot of new shirts for sale in crazy colors and designs

-I will dance for money

-some other special stuff!

It should be epic.  Please come.  Here's a link to the facebook event for more details.  See you there!


A couple new painting photos


Shows have been slow recently but here's two new painting photos we posted.  Here's one from just the other night at the Hessian Lion.  Love that place.

These two wonderful fans drove a ways to see us.  Thanks again guys!

If you're in Providence this coming Tuesday, we're playing at Dusk as part of PAC.  Come on out!


Hessian Lion tonight! Dusk this Tuesday!


Tonight we're returning to one of our favorite CT venues: the Hessian Lion in Avon!  We've always had a good time there and the venue has even bought a painting in the past which is now hanging on their wall.  We haven't been back since January so this'll be a lot of fun.

Also, we JUST got confirmed for DUSK in Providence, RI this coming Tuesday, Aug. 7.  We missed a show there a few weeks ago and we're now making it up.  It should be a LOT of fun and very artist centered.  So if you're an artist, come on out.  We're on at 11 PM.


Book update, computer broken


OK so, last night, while starting to watch Season 1 Episode 1 of Lost, my computer fell on the floor.  It seemed fine for the rest of the night, but for whatever reason, this morning it wouldn't turn on and the hard drive broke.  Thankfully, we had most of the important stuff backed up. 

HOWEVER, this did not include a good portion of our high res photos from PV shows of the folks holding the paintings they won.  Though we have posted them all up online, which you can view all here, they're not high enough resolution for using in a book, which is what we wanted to ultimately release with them.  We *may* have them randomly around on Elizabeth's computer, but that may take some time to find them all.  

Anyway, all this is to say, the book thing is kind of on hold for the time being now until we can figure this out, if we can.  For those expressing interest in said book(s), we're really sorry.  We'll keep you guys updated as we can.


Introducing: Pocket Vinyl Stickers!!!


We often get asked at shows if we have any stickers.  We sigh, look to the floor for a second, look back up with "sorry eyes", and say "no, we do not".  The customer usually then frowns, turns slowly, walks towards the down, looks back in despair one last time, and then exits the facility.  


They'll be free for the taking at any of our shows.  Be sure to grab one for your Trapper Keeper.


New music video for "Sunday Best"


Ah, "the love song."  I wrote this a few days after Elizabeth and I got engaged.  I'm not a big love song guy but this kind of just came out and I decided not to complain.  Glad I didn't!  Elizabeth came up with the idea for this one.  I can take no credit except for my amazing pretend-to-play-piano skills which you'll see below.  Enjoy:

If you don't own Monsters Talking yet, I encourage you to purchase it here.  We're very proud of it.


Recent show paintings up (finally)


Welp, I've been lazy about uploading photos of the few shows we've done over the last couple of weeks.  My bad.  But I just did, so go check them out now.  Here's one from the show last night at the Hygenic Art Park in New London, CT (it features artsy nudity too!):

Elizabeth says that's a young girl.  So boom.  Nudity.  I wonder where he paintings will go from here.....


New London show, "Hellbound?" film


Hey guys, if you're in CT (and I know there's a good amount of you) please come by the Hygenic this Saturday.  Here's the facebook details for the event.  We'll be opening up for the Jack Grace band (a very good band) so this is pretty exciting.  

Also, at the Cornerstone festival, we ran into a booth featuring a couple of guys promoting the new documentary "Hellbound?"  They showed us a trailer and Elizabeth and I immediately were engaged.  Over the course of the festival, we constantly stopped by the booth to chat, both casually and in depth, and I feel as if we made some new friends in the process.  I'm very passionate about this movie and want to support it as much as I can, so I encourage you to watch the trailer below: 

Regardless of whatever you believe, I hope you take the time to view the film and consider it's content.  Both Elizabeth and I can't wait to see it.


New Tattoos, welcome new Cornerstone fans!


Firstly, hey Cornerstone fans!  Welcome to the Pocket Vinyl family.  It was fantastic meeting and talking with you all.  I love how Pocket Vinyl fans range from very young to very less young.  Take a look around all the content.  Why not start with the videos page?

Secondly, for everyone, check our Elizabeth and my new tattoos!

My new one kind of matches my old one on the other arm (ask me in person if you want to see) which I love about it.  Also, it all steams from this painting which Elizabeth did in May.  It hit me strongly when I first looked at it.  We thought about putting something like it on a t-shirt, but now, it's on my arm.  BOOM.


Cornerstone Festival tomorrow!


So tomorrow is our first big festival that we're playing in.  I honestly don't know how many people will be there or how many people will want to stop by our performance for an extended period of time.  Either way, it'll be a lot of fun, and if you're going we're playing in the Arts Tent at 7PM Wednesday July 4.  We'll also be doing some kids shows in the Kids Tent every morning, so if you have little flesh pods running around your ankles, bring them over and Elizabeth will draw for them.  It'll be awesome.

Also, later today, we'll be recording a few live sessions for the Urbana Basement.  It's kind of like a "video daytrotter" type of thing and I'm pretty excited about this.  We'll definitely share the videos when they're finished.  

Oh, and a reminder about our Buffalo, NY show on July 10!  We had to postpone it from June 27.  It's still at the Vault and still at 8 PM.  So please come on out if you can!


Elizabeth's painting berries now


Here's the painting from the Coventry Calling Festival from this last Saturday.  Elizabeth has been going nuts trying to find rasp- and blackberries around our house in the last week, and it obviously shows in the painting.  Check it out:

We're heading to Rochester and Buffalo this week!  Check out tour dates for info about each show.  It's been a while and should be loads and loads of fun.  


Opening up for Ezra Furman


Good news everyone!  We're going to open up for Ezra Furman at BAR in New Haven, CT on August 15!!!!  I assume many of you don't know who Ezra Furman is.  Well, he's the guy who writes this awesome music:

This potentially could be our biggest gig yet!  Also, IT'S A FREE SHOW so please come on out if you're nearby.  Here's the facebook event with all the details.  It will be worth it (and not because it's free).


Summer Tour Dates


If you haven't checked out our summer tour dates, please do that now.  We're kind of taking the summer off to work on other things and relax a bit after the Sister Tour.  But we're still playing around quite a bit.  Gaze upon our schedule:

June 23 - Coventry, CT - Coventry Calling Music Festival - festival starts at 2 PM, we play at 10 PM

June 26 - Rochester, NY - The Monroe Park Vineyard Community Space - 7:30 PM

June 27 - Buffalo, NY - The Vault  8 PM

June 28 - Toledo, OH - Ottawa Tavern  9 PM

June 29 through July 7 - Bushnell, IL - Elizabeth won a contest to paint the side of a barn for the very last Cornerstone Festival!  It's estimated that between 20,000 and 40,000 people will see her work at the festival, which is insane.  It's a week long festival and if you're going, be on the look out for her stuff!

UPDATE: concerning Cornerstone Festival, which is in detail below, Elizabeth will unfortunately NOT be painting the side of the barn like we had hoped.  BUT we did get a few slots during the festival!  So we will be playing at Cornerstone but no barn art.  Dates, details, etc. are below.

July 14 - New London, CT - Hygenic Art Park - (details to come)

July 17 - Providence, RI - Dusk - (details to come)

July 19 - Misquamicut Beach, RI - Windjammer Surf Bar - 7 PM to 10 PM

July 20 - New London, CT - Farmer's Market, by the Whale Tail   11 AM - 1 PM

July 22 - Providence, RI - News Cafe - (details to come)

August 11 - Providence, RI - The Spot Underground - 9 PM

August 18 - Lewiston, ME - The Beat Rust - (details to come)

September 2 - Chester, RI - Chester Sunday Market - (details to come)


General update


OK so just a few things to update you on how it's going:

-the RAW event was EXCELLENT.  We got a good amount of exposure and met a lot of great artists.  Might I recommend Elisha Schauer at the very least.  Very fun, quirky, disturbing yet cuddly stuff.  Check it out: http://elishaschauer.com/

-We have a music video for the Tom Waits-esque live favorite "Sunday Best" coming up soon.  Hint: we've been in the process of filming it since last August.  

-We plan on putting up a bit of an online store soon, where you'll be able to order physical CD's and our custom homemade shirts.  More news on that soon.

-I've put up a few more shows this summer so check out the tour page.  We're taking it easy a bit this summer after all the touring of the last few months.  You should start to see more shows in August/September very soon, though.

-I put up the art from the Whalie's show and the RAW show.  Here's the latter:

I think that's it for now.  Keep spreading the word about us!  Thanks everyone!




Just a reminder: we're playing at the RAW Showcase this Thursday June 7.  It's a huge art showcase that features creative people in music, art, fashion, make up, tattoos, doll-making, and any/every other avenue of art.  It's going to be fantastic but if you want to come we HIGHLY SUGGEST BUYING TICKETS TODAY.  They're $15 at the door but only $10 if you buy them today (Monday June 4).  

Plus, as an extra bonus thank you from us, Elizabeth made 20 5"x5" watercolor/pen & ink monster cards that we're giving to each person with a ticket.  It should be tons of fun and if you want one but can't go, we'll still send it to you!  Only $10 but you have to buy them tonight!

Purchase tickets here.

This is a big opportunity for us and will hopefully turn a few heads our way.  


New Music Video and "The RAW Deal"


First things first: we have a new music video for "Foster Child."  I never play this song live, due to it's climactic ending which I can't reproduce, but it's Elizabeth's favorite song that we've ever written.  It's also one of our only songs that I've heard has made people cry....so that's something!  Here's the video:



Secondly, on June 7 we're playing in Hartford, CT as part of R.A.W. Solstice.  We were specially selected for this showcase, which features independent artists in the areas of music, art, fashion, jewelry, film, and more in Connecticut and brings them all together under one roof.  It's a huge honor to be a part of it and you can get your tickets here for $10.  (Be sure to select "Pocket Vinyl" as the artist you're supporting on the ticket)

And to show you that we really want you to come, Elizabeth made 20 watercolor/pen & ink drawings of monsters and the first 20 people to get tickets get one at the show!  However, if you still want one but can't come to the show, buy a ticket and we'll mail you the monster ourselves.  Each one is unique and mirrors a painting that she did on the Sister Tour.

Hope to see you there!


We won! (thanks to you)


So last night was the Whalies and it was a fantastic event.  It's the Grammy's of the local New London, CT music scene.  Long story short, we won 4 awards, which I'm told is the most any artist has won in a single year (although, to be fair, there were more awards given out this year than any year before, and this is only the third Whalies ever).  So yeah, we won:

-Best Alternative Band

-Pop/Rock Album of the Year

-Best Music Video for "A Little Joke"

-Song of the Year (!!!!) for "Quiet Epiphany"

Please keep in mind that "Best Alternative Band" and "Best Music Video" were the People's Choice awards, which means that ALL YOU YOU GAVE US THOSE ONES with your votes.  It tells us we have fans, which is weird, but also wonderful.  We cannot thank you enough for those.

It's so incredibly humbling and a bit overwhelming to accept all these.  The whole show is kind of a self-indulgent thing for the community and it's all for fun, but still, to us it says "Welcome, friend."  We're still new to the scene and feel wonderful that we've felt recognized for what we've done.  There were so many other fantastic bands that we were up against as well.  It was very strong competition. 

And I'd like to say a very specific thank you to Daphne Lee Martin.  I play piano in her band Raise the Rent when we're home and she's nothing but wonderful, helpful, and loving.  We actually played a medley with her at the show last night, which went over swimmingly.  She was the first person to give us a show in New London at the Telegraph (her awesome record store) and helped spread our name around town.  Without meeting her, it's very possible that we wouldn't have even been up for any awards in the first place.  Thank you Daphne.

Also, a quick thanks to Corrine, who not only got the painting, but also bought the painting that Elizabeth did AT the Whalies, which looks like this (keep in mind, she did it in 8 minutes):

You may recognize her from the last painting photo in the previous post.  She's wonderful.

Anyway, it was all such a great night.  OK I feel like I'm rambling now, so I'll stop.  THANKS EVERYONE!


The Sister Tour is officially over!


This tour was:

-our best tour show-wise

-our best tour support-wise

-our best tour adventure-wise

-our best tour fan-building-wise

-I think it's safe to say it was our best tour to date.  Thank you all SO MUCH for making it such an utterly smashing success!  I raise my glass to:

-all those who gave us a place to stay for the night

-all those to bought an album or t-shirt

-all those who bid on a painting and won

-all those who bid on a painting and lost (good luck next time!)

-all those who gave us a kind word of encouragement along the way

-all those who sang along with the songs, which still weirds me out a bit but I'm glad it happens

-and lastly, to all those lovable lushes who couldn't help but yell something at the stage while we were playing.  (Because without you, we wouldn't have so many great stories.)

The Sister Tour officially ended Saturday night at the Oasis in New London, CT.  Lots of folks came out and the painting went for more than it ever has before.  A very fairy tale ending to the tour, and it made us feel like we were home.  A very special thanks to all you New London, CT folks.  Wherever we go in our careers, New London will always be our musical hometown.

Here's the painting from that wonderful night:

That's Zack and Corrine.  They're two wonderful people.  They struck a deal to buy the painting and surprised one of the bartenders by giving it to them.  They're incredibly sweet.

So though the tour is over, the fun has yet to stop.  Summer shows will be a bit more sparse but we have one more Pockumentary to put up, as well as a few music videos, and some more goodies.  So keep in touch!


Career Highlight: 150 shows!


This last Saturday, May 12 2012, we played at the Bazaar in Roanoke, VA and it was our 150th show!  I can't believe we've played that many.  And some songs, like "I Am Not Japan", have been played for EACH ONE.  I'm still not sick of playing it thankfully.  I do not look forward to the day I am.  Anyway, here's the painting from our 150th show:

I can't wait to sleep in my own bed in just a few days.  For all you hometown fans in CT, we're playing at the Oasis this Saturday.  Come on out!  It'll be fantastic.


The Sister Tour Pockumentary Part 3


I admit that I've been neglecting the site a bit.  The road has been keeping us busy.  Also, we post on facebook much more regularly so please, if you haven't already, head on over there and "like" us to get our semi-clever posts about what we're doing.  Anyway, for a much more entertaining view on what we've been up to the last few weeks, here's a new Pockumentary!  Enjoy:


Our strangest, most....disturbing show.


Elizabeth wrote a blog post about our show near Atlanta, GA this last Saturday night.  It was quite an evening, let me tell you.  Here's an example of how crazy things got:

"After a song or two the lead singer spray painted a smiley face in black onto the drummer’s bare chest. Another song or two and then he shaved the bassist’s chest hair into the shape of a penis. Another song or two and then he got two girls from the audience to come up on stage and, using aerosol spray cans and lighters, burned his leg hair off. Yes, this all happened during the first act, and things haven’t even started getting weird yet."

Yeah.  It was intense.  Read the rest of it here, which includes vomit and crotches lit on fire.  


Deep south


Firstly, it's in the 50's outside AND the sun is shining.  We're in Mississippi by the way.  What the crap, 'merica?  Growing up in New York, I was always told that every state below Maryland was ALWAYS WARM NO MATTER THE TIME OF YEAR.  For late April, I figured Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi would be much warmer than this.  I feel as if the education system has failed me.

Anyway, new paintings are up!  Check them out on our facebook page or on the Art from 2012 shows tab.  Here's a fun one from Oz Music in Tuscaloosa, AL:

These guys (plus three of their friends) spoke with us for a good hour or so after the gig (hi guys!).  They were very kind and can be considered our entire Tuscaloosa fan base.  

Memphis is tonight.  Come on out if you're there!



The Sister Tour Pockumentary Part 2


The video pretty much speaks for itself....


Ohio, Indian, and rest


I write to you from my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Norm's house in Indianapolis.  We have a few days off and they were incredibly kind enough to let us crash here for a few days.  I FINALLY put up paintings from the last 6 shows too.  I dragged my feet a little bit but they're up on the art from 2012 page now.  Here's one of my favorites:

That speech bubble is so great.  This week we're heading down south again to Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and Georgia.  Then it's to the west!  This tour is going so fast and we're not even halfway done yet!  WOO!


Is Virginia always this awesome?


Harrisonburg and Blacksburg have been amazing.  We've had such a wonderful week meeting folks and playing shows.  All 3 in Blacksburg were very beneficial on so many levels just like our Harrisonburg one.  The picture above is from our show at the XYZ Gallery.  Art galleries always turn out to be some of our best shows, and that one may have been one of our best shows to date.  The crowd was very engaged and interactive, which I always appreciate.  I hope we get to a point where every show is like that.  

Also, Happy Easter!  This is definitely the most important holiday for Elizabeth and I, and we really hope your weekend proves to be peaceful, restful, and amazing.  If you're in Asheville, NC or Johnson City, TN, you can always come out to a show....


New Pockumentary! "The Sister Tour" Part 1


The video pretty much says it all.  This is our wonderful life.


Elizabeth seems to be doing more narratives or something...


Over the last few days, the live paintings have been getting a little farther away from the human subject and, to me, seem like they're becoming snap shots in different stories.  I look for narrative in just about everything, so I find this very exciting.  Take a look:

This was made last night. Why is the little girl collecting balloon flowers?  Where is she?  How old is she?  Are they for a parent?  A lover?  A friend?  Is she giving them to someone to apologize or to be sweet?!  

I love stories!  I hope she keeps this up.  We're heading to Virginia this week, which is uncharted territory for us.  Time to dip below the Mason-Dixon Line.  


We'd save you if we could


Elizabeth did this on Sunday night at Radio Bean in Burlington, VT.  It means a lot to me, I think.  She said it kind of reflects a bit of how she feels towards children in homes with domestic violence.  I think it's absolutely lovely.

I put up this and 4 more shots on our 2012 painting page for you to browse.  She's been more of less exploring this theme of people with plants growing out of them in one form or another, once again proving she never has a bad night.

We're in Lancaster tonight, Philly tomorrow, and some Maryland shows this weekend.  After that, we're into more uncharted lands for us.  The east coast should prove to be a great adventure for us.  Thanks for all the support so far!  Again, I ask that if you have any friends or family in any of the areas we're going please let them know about the shows.  It would be a great help to us.  Thanks and take Love.


New music video for "I Hear Colors"


OK I really really like how this one turned out.  In retrospect, some of the videos we've made have or haven't aged well when I've taken a step back from them while as some have gotten a little better with time.  I think this one will be one of the later.  I hope so, anyway.  Elizabeth and I definitely think this is one of our favorites.  And so with that we present to you our 9th music video!  Enjoy:



Also, I submit this as proof that we're hardcore:

Let's hear it for duct tape, everyone!


The Sister Tour officially starts today!


Woo!  It's tour time!  We have nearly 50 dates over the next two months lined up.  We're starting tonight with a send off show in New London, CT at the Bean & Leaf.  And then we're off.  Elizabeth and I were made to do this, which is the biggest tour we've yet to do, traveling over 7000 miles total.  It's going to be nuts.

Also, I've slacked off on getting painting pictures up from the last few weeks.  We only had 2 shows total, but they were fantastic.  The Starving Artist in Keene is always amazing and so is the Bombshelter in Brunswick, ME.  In fact, we made history this week by having our first Pocket Vinyl Platinum Member!  This means the first person to ever buy 3 Pocket Vinyl paintings at a show!  His name is Patrick and he is one of the most fun-loving and crazy people I've ever met.  He's also very generous.  The amount of meals we've eaten because of the paintings he's purchased at shows is almost too high to count.  Here's a fantastic shot of him with all three of his babies:

What a fantastic guy.  Also, for the record, he's the most enthusiastic dancer who's ever been to a Pocket Vinyl show.  He even finds a way to dance and stay on beat during the slow, depressing songs.  Thanks for being a great fan, Patrick!

If you're in New London, we'll see you tonight!



Dear Portland Maine, We're sorry! Love, Pocket Vinyl


Hey Portland, 

We're really, really sorry.  Tonight, we thought we were playing at Blue in Portland, ME at 8 PM.  It turns out we were to start at 6 PM.  This is 100% our faults.  I mixed up the times and I feel terrible.  The bartender even told us that several people actually came SPECIFICALLY to see us!  We're still getting our sea legs here as a band and that always feels good.  And I feel like we let those people down.  Even if it was just a few, I feel terrible.  You counted on us for entertainment and we let you down.  We're very sorry.  


I spoke to the booker at Blue and we will definitely be coming back.  Probably sometime this summer.  Please come see us again and if you were there tonight but left before we showed up, please come again.  I promise you we won't disappoint and we will give you a fantastic show.  Thank you very much for coming out tonight and giving us a chance.  I feel embarrassed and ashamed that I let you down.

You may say "it's just a show, it's OK".....but this is our passion and livelihood.  We love to perform.  Plus, now we'll never know what Elizabeth would have painted!  An entire work of art is lost forever!  What a shame....I promise next time will be great.  Thanks for understanding, Portland.  We'll see you again,


Pocket Vinyl


P.S. We're in Brunswick tomorrow (3/17) at the Bombshelter so you can always come to that if you want!


48 shows for "The Sister Tour"! (2 more please)


OK, nearly all of the dates for the Sister Tour are up!  They count at 48 right now but I want to go for 50 if possible.  If you would like to help us out for that, definitely send me an email at pocketvinylbooking@gmail.com and let me know.  We'll play in your living room, if you want.  (Yes, seriously.  Email me)

All our dates are on our tour page.  We're visiting 16 different states total so chances are we're coming to you.  Go take a look and then come on out.  Or at least tell your friends/relatives who might be in areas we're going to.  

Oh, and we're traveling over 7000 miles (we counted it up.  Thanks Google maps!) which is without a doubt the biggest, longest tour we've done yet.  I cannot wait.


Joseph Kony


UPDATE: People have been talking a lot about this, and I'd like to post a few more articles.  First, this one from NPR, which brings up several good issues against the KONY 2012 campaign, and then an official rebuttal from Invisible Children regarding a lot of the criticisms it's faced which can be found here.  

I usually don't like to get involved in things like this politically, but this isn't about the Right or Left, it's about right or wrong.  Also, I'd like to point out that our charity album which we released back in January is for the organization War Child which, like Invisible Children, strives to help kids affected by the inexcusable actions of men like Joseph Kony.  People say that IC is doing this as a stunt to raise donations, and if you think that, I can promise you that War Child isn't involved but still doing good work and 100% of your money from buying this album goes to them.  I encourage you to pick up the album here.  


I definitely wish life were clearer sometimes.  

Facebook has been blowing up today about KONY 2012.  The short of it: Joseph Kony is a terrible leader of a rebel group in Africa who terrorizes, maims, and murders children in horrific ways.  It is clear that this man must be stopped, and the organization Invisible Children is trying to do something about it.  You can watch this video below.  It's about a half hour, but very informative and interesting:

However, not all issues are clear cut.  Invisible Children has come under some criticism on how it's run as an organization and whether or not it's push for military intervention on this matter is the correct way to handle it.  For instance, he enslaves child soldiers to defend him so if we go in with the USA aiding the military of Uganda (who has been accused of rape and looting themselves), children will have to be shot and killed to get to Kony.  Much of the criticism is laid out on this website.

But we can all agree that this man must be stopped.  He's been going around for over 20 years doing these terrible acts of violence towards children.  If we ignore the situation and don't talk about it, nothing will be done.  While I'm not sure exactly what the right action is (if there even is a "right" action), I think that together we can get our government to pay more attention and really resolve this issue in the world.  Please spread the name of Joseph Kony and what he's done.  We need to figure out a way to stop this man.


"Quiet Epiphany" video is now online!


Exciting stuff!  Elizabeth and I love making these music videos quite a bit, and this one turned out pretty well, I think.  We dabbled with story a bit in the "I Am Not Japan" video a bit (although I'm not sure how many people got it) but this time I feel like we got a strong story involved here and coupled with Elizabeth's art, it matches the music in a way we're both excited about.  

Also, the video is being premiered the blog Hutchdaddy Vinyl!  Click here to go view it.  It's a good one.  Let us know what you think about it.

UPDATE: You can now view the video below!


Charity Album results!


OK so after kind of pushing it for about a month, I'd like to announce that in total, compiling both download sales from the album and selling the cover art on ebay, we've made $144 for War Child!  WOOO!  It is a bit short of our goal of $1000 for Feb., but you know what?  I'm still very proud that with your help, we were able to raise this money to help out children across the globe during times of armed conflict.  Every little bit helps, and I'm sure War Child is very thankful for what we've done and how we've all helped.  I feel especially great that we're able to use our talents in this way..  I really hope to do many, many more things like this in the future.

I hope you're enjoying the great music on that compilation still.  And the best part is, if you STILL want to give, you can.  This compilation will be up and giving as long as we're alive.  You can head to the bandcamp page right now to listen and/or download it.  Or use this nifty little widget:


<iframe width="400" height="100" style="position: relative; display: block; width: 400px; height: 100px;" src="http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/album=4152303816/size=venti/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"><a href="http://diymusiciansforcharity.bandcamp.com/album/diy-musicians-for-charity-vol-1">DIY Musicians for Charity, Vol. 1 by DIY Musicians for Charity</a></iframe>


I'd also like to thank all the wonderful bands who have generously donated a song to this album.  They're all incredibly wonderful people and both Elizabeth and I are proud to call them our friends.  I wish all of them the best as they continue to make amazing music.  

And again, thank you for helping out.  I encourage you to always give generously with what you have.




I just finished putting together this documentary, or "Pockumentary" if you will (which you should), about our mini-tour at the beginning of February just a few weeks ago!  It gives a sort of insight into what our daily lives are like living on the road.  Enjoy:






I think we can say that we finally really feel a part of the local New London, CT music scene now.  We played a show last night with Herff Jones and M.T. Bearington and it was absolutely fantastic.  The concert was at the Oasis, which is more or less the premiere performance spot in New London.  We've been trying to get a show there for a while and it finally happened.  A lot of people showed up, there was a bidding war over the painting, and we generally rocked out quite a bit.

"But Eric, how does Elizabeth rock out if she's not playing any instruments?!" you say.

"She's just that good," I reply.

Before that, we played a show at the Telegraph, the absolutely wonderful record store here.  Our first NL show was there and we've just spent loads of time in there ourselves since we moved here.  It's like a second home. 

Going back to how much Elizabeth actually rocks on stage, she made the two paintings to be sisters of each other it seems.  AND she did so while bringing back some monsters.  If you've been following her art, you'll remember she used to paint a lot of monsters in her paintings but they kind of faded out there for the most part in favor of birds, humans, and other equally awesome things.  BUT last night the monsters returned showing up with humans for the first time.  Take a look for yourselves:


Aren't they just heartwarming?  I think these are the most heartwarming stage paintings she's ever done.  In each painting, I feel like she tells a whole story.  Beautiful stuff.  I feel so blessed to be able to be married/work/be with her.


Mini-tour over, now time for a break


Elizabeth and I are a little tired.  We just got back from a small week-ish tour and we don't got on another big tour until late March.  We're looking forward to the small break, but we'll still be booking and arting quite a bit while here.  

Anyway, I will say a big, big, big, big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to a recent show.  Though this small leg of the Sister Tour was only 6 shows, each one was extremely welcoming.  The paintings sold for high and you folks came out in high numbers.  Very encouraging to keep on doing what we're doing.  So thank you.

I've uploaded 4 more paintings Elizabeth did from the last few shows.  Below is a fun one from a guy named Sean who not only bought the painting but also sang along to almost every song at the show!  That's a new experience for us but I hope it repeats a lot from here on out.  A special thank you to Sean for being a true fan.  Plus, he gave us some spaghetti afterwards which is always a welcome thing. 

What a face.  How can you hate that face?!  

For those local CT folks still reading, we're playing a HUGE show at the Oasis this Saturday in New London.  COME OUT.  IT'S GOING TO BE GREAT AND SPECIAL.


New t-shirts are ready, new live paintings up


Hey everyone, if you didn't see it yet we posted a few pictures of our new t-shirts on facebook and our "PV Shop" tab.  Check them out!  We made 50 and once they're gone, we won't make any more with that logo.  As always, the t-shirts all have things sewn on them to make each one unique.  To get one, you have to come to a show, so I implore you to head on out our way.  We tour a lot (although I must admit I need to update the tour page a bit.  I'll do that soon)

In other news, I put up more pictures of paintings Elizabeth did at recent shows.  Here's the most recent one, which happened at Lovelight's in New Castle, PA.  This woman is currently going to Houghton College (Elizabeth and my alma mater) and came because her friends from there told her we were in town!  I like to hear that people are spreading the word about us and encouraging friends to go to our shows.  Let's keep this trend going please.  Anyway, here's the wonderful picture:

I feel like photographing Elizabeth's art is like photographing a mountain: it never looks as good as it does in real life.  Oh well, still, another great show.  


DIY Musicians for Charity


This is a project very near and dear to my heart.  Thinking about how well-known musicians do good charitable things from time to time, I realized "why can't we do that now?"  So here is my attempt: http://diymusiciansforcharity.bandcamp.com/


The charity is War Child, which aids children and young people across the world who are affected by armed conflict.  

We've collected this selection of songs from a lot great artists that we played with (mostly) on the road.  Elizabeth and I consider ourselves fans of every band on here.  I would argue that all these bands are just as good as most national, signed groups.  I figured that in addition to giving to charity it would introduce all you great fans to a lot more great music that I know you crave.  I'm really hoping to raise at least $1000 so I encourage you to give and give generously ($8 is just the minimum price, you can give as much as you'd like).

Also, the cover art is also selling for charity.  Elizabeth did it and I don't think it could have turned out better.  It depicts three Naskapi Indian children from northern Quebec.  Jaiden, the youngest in the center, was our foster sibling last year when we were up there and is one of the most joyful and giving children I have ever met.  Susie (left) and Kelly (right) are Jaiden's sisters and great students of Elizabeth's when she taught them art in school.  Elizabeth specifically has formed special connections with each of these children and felt they represented the spirit of this project very well.

Thank you again and please give what you can.  


How you helped save us, a gift from PV


I write this post with extreme humility and thankfulness.  As I wrote yesterday, Elizabeth needs to have some dental work done on a chipped tooth.  We went to a dentist's office and all things considered, the bill was several thousand dollars.  We were extremely unprepared for that and began to rethink how this means 2012 will change in regards to touring and keeping Pocket Vinyl alive.  We reached out for support to you, the fans, and encouraged you to purchase some music or commission Elizabeth for a painting.  What we got was extremely unexpected.

Firstly, we received emails from several local folks here in CT who gave us tips to look into cheap dental options for low income families.  This ultimately led us to a great local dentist who will do the procedure for a small fraction of that first figure.  Thank you to all who reached out in this way.

Secondly, we're STILL receiving commissions and album sales from you all!  Thank you thank you thank you.  And you should know that all the money from the album sales and commissions will pay for the ENTIRE SURGERY and then some.  I am still in awe at how you have all responded to this situation.  This helps us stay on tour and continue to bring music to your town and to stay in this game.  It's tough being a DIY band but you've proven that you guys want us still in the game.  We cannot thank you enough.  

(And outside of the band context, I want to thank you all as a husband.  I love Elizabeth more than I could express and it means a whole lot to me that you'd all help like this)

Thirdly, as a thank you, we'd like to give you this B-side from Monsters Talking for absolutely free.  This is technically the first love song I've ever written (1 of 2, the other being "Sunday Best").  It was also the first song that I feel like we "got" while making the new album, but for pacing reasons we left it out of the final product.  Still, it's a great track with a lot of my heart poured into it.  You can download it for free at our bandcamp page or listen/download in the little widget below:


<iframe width="400" height="100" style="position: relative; display: block; width: 400px; height: 100px;" src="http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/track=4152961350/size=venti/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"><a href="http://pocketvinyl.bandcamp.com/track/give-reach">Give, Reach by Pocket Vinyl</a></iframe>


We cannot thank you enough.  This has been very inspiring.  

Lastly, I would like to give thanks to God.  Yesterday, when we got the news, it was discouraging but something comforted me as if to say "You'll be fine.  Relax and trust me."  And that's what I did, and look what happened.  What's the point of having this faith if not for times like this?  What's the point of believing in a Lord if I just curse him and blame him whenever troubles arise, as if it's his job to make sure I have a comfortable life?  This faith I keep is EXACTLY for times like this, and I am amazed at how I feel God has blessed us with such great fans like yourselves.  I feel this situation was the Lord reminding us that we're doing good stuff with this band.

Or it's just a coincidence.  Those happen too.  But I'm pretty sure that's not it this time.

Enjoy the music!  Thanks again and again and again and again and again!


Elizabeth's dental surgery, new pictures


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know about a surgery that Elizabeth will be having very soon.  This last weekend, Elizabeth suddenly felt one of her teeth break with a chunk of it coming off in her mouth.  She's alright and not in any immediate pain, but she needs to have a big surgery.  An expensive one that is kind of hard to afford when you're an entertainer.  So first and foremost, we please ask for your support in this matter.  If you already don't have some of our music, I encourage you to head over to our bandcamp page and get one of our albums or our EP (you can also purchase them on itunes, amazon, emusic, etc.).  Any support at this time will go towards the surgery and thus will keep us alive so that we can continue to drive to your town and play for you.  So far we've received a lot of support to this and I pray that it keeps coming.  Thank you so much and please enjoy/spread the music/love.

In other news, we did play our 100th show this last weekend!  That's a huge milestone for us and hopefully we'll be able to play our 200th show within 2012.  I've add the last 3 paintings to the 2012 painting page.  Here's the picture from the 100th show:

Those good looking folks there are actually my brother (Tyler) and sister-in-law (Diane) and their upcoming family member in utero (yet to be named but it'll be girly).  Much thanks to them for coming out.  100 shows seems like so much, and yet it feels like we're just scratching the surface on the music world.  

Again, if you feel so inclined, please support us by purchasing an album or contacting us at pocketvinyl@gmail.com for a commission.  Thank you so much! 


New paintings up!


Soooo I should have put this up a few days ago.  My bad and sorry if you were one of the ones waiting for your picture.  But I've now added pictures to the paintings from 2012 section so please check those out.  Below is one from a local New London show we did recently.  This 5-year-old girl was completely transfixed on Elizabeth during the entire show (a whole hour!) unlike anyone else.  Then, at the end of the show, she asked as innocently as possible how to buy the painting.  She was pretty great, and I must also mention her great mother who "helped" her with the finances involved (although Elizabeth says she heard the mother say "you'll be working this off..." so hopefully the girl is doing alright and not regretting her purchase as she shovels in the backyard or something...).  Anyway, here she is in all her cuteness:

The "Hush, my child" quote dovetails nicely with the buyer as well, don't you think?

We have TWO shows in Lancaster PA this weekend (tonight and tomorrow) and then our 100th show in Utica, NY!  It's going to be great!


Snacky Tunes and new painting photos!


Welp, if you've noticed on the "Goals" page, we just completed the "Appear on Snacky Tunes" one.  It's a podcast we listen to on the road each week and wonderfully, we got to be on it!  We were interviewed and we played songs and all that jazz.  It was great.  It's a podcast and you can go download on iTunes here or just search "Snacky Tunes" in iTunes and download episode 98.  It was a lot of great fun.  It also features Ty-Lor Boring for all you Top Chef fans.  

Also, after a few weeks, here's some more paintings that Elizabeth has done recently!  And they've taken quite a turn in 2012 already, with her using human faces and forms for the first time on stage.  I wonder where this will go.  Here's a picture of one from the Bombshelter this last Saturday (Jan. 7):

This is Patrick, an awesome guy who you may recognize from a painting picture towards the beginning of this last tour.  He's joined the PV Gold Club (comprised of folks who own 2 PV paintings).  PLUS, even more exciting, he set a new record for the highest bid!  By $100 more than the last record, too!  So boom.  We're very happy.  Let's hope this trend continues.  

If you're a local Connecticutian, come on down to the Bean & Leaf in New London this Wednesday night around 7:30 for show!  It'll be fantastic.


Download "Monsters Talking," get "One Hungry Caribou"


Hello from Brunswick, Maine!  We always love coming to this state.  It always seems to peaceful and content.  I would not be oppose to living around here someday.

But anyway, we've added a little bonus to the folks who buy "Monsters Talking" off of our bandcamp page: a FREE digital PDF of our children's book "One Hungry Caribou."  It was written by me and illustrated by Elizabeth using carved out rubber stamps she made.  It's got kind of a Dr. Suess vibe with rhyming phrases as it teaches counting caribou!  I'm fairly proud of it myself.  Not to honk my own horn but...toot.

So if you don't have "Monsters Talking" for some crazy reason, please go to pocketvinyl.bandcamp.com and pick it up along with the bonus "One Hungry Caribou" digital book.  Also, if you'd like a physical copy of the book, you can buy that right here

Thanks a lot, everyone!  Painting pictures of a few recent shows should be up soon as well.  (Elizabeth has been drawing HUMANS recently in them....)


New T-shirt art


Happy 2012 everyone!  Hopefully this will be the Year of the Pocket Vinyl (also: dragon).  Elizabeth is already hard at work on the new series of t-shirts.  Series 3!  Series 1 and 2 are both completely sold out, which is a huge blessing.  Once again, Elizabeth will sew on different shapes to each shirt so that each one is unique.  And we have a completely new design this time around.  Check it out:


How sweet is that?!  I like to think that those little birds are babies of some species, and the big one is an adult of the same species.  While working on it, at one point Elizabeth literally just laughed out loud, looked at me, and said "This is so ridiculous."  I keep trying to think of what this thing's skeleton would look like.  Those shin bones must be HUGE.

We have a couple Maine shows this weekend, in Portland and Bruinswick.  Come out if you can!


Merry Christmas, Everyone!


OK so the "semi-big news" I mentioned yesterday is this: A brand new Christmas song from Pocket Vinyl!  And Clotworthy!  You may remember me mentioned our friend and fellow peer musician Clotworthy a few posts ago.  Well, we stayed with him for a few days during our last week on tour, and we decided to record a Christmas song together.  We're pretty proud of it, and you can download it for free (or give us a tip if you'd like) on our bandcamp page, or you can listen below:

<iframe width="400" height="100" style="position: relative; display: block; width: 400px; height: 100px;" src="http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/track=2010855402/size=venti/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0"><a href="http://pocketvinyl.bandcamp.com/track/it-never-snows-on-christmas-anymore">It Never Snows On Christmas Anymore by Pocket Vinyl</a></iframe>

Merry Christmas!  I hope this becomes a classic part of the holiday for you this year!  


The last paintings from the 2011 Synesthesia Tour


Welp, the Synesthesia tour is over.  Elizabeth and I are at our good friend Journey's house until tomorrow morning, and I'm a little sick.  BUT, here are the photos of the very last paintings of the tour.  I posted all of them on the 2011 art page.  Here's the one from that terrible show in Altoona, which proves, as I said before, that Elizabeth never has a bad show:

This piece continues the stained glass thing she's been doing recently, but notice the black border around the perimeter.  She's never done that before, but also did it for our last show too.  And that's Henry and Ashley, our good friends who kindly bought us beer and gave us a place to stay after that horrific event.  Henry is British, which of course makes him slightly more awesome than the average man.

We do have one semi-big announcement soon!  Stay tuned!


The worst gig we've ever played (yet)


I'm sitting here in Midtown Scholars in Harrisburg, PA.  We have our last show of this tour here tonight.  I hope this place likes us.  It's a coffee shop/book store kind of place.  I must say I'm a little on edge, though, after last night's show.  We played in Altoona, PA at a place called 30 Something.  It's a banquet hall/bar and for the record, everyone working there was very kind to us.  The owner Claudio was very welcoming and giving with his time, food, and beer.  We were very thankful to work for him and we all thought playing for this big banquet made up of 40 to 70 year old doctors and nurses would be great.  I mean, they'd love the art right?  And possibly pay a good amount for the painting?  Right?

But no.  No, no, no, it was pretty terrible.  Midway through the first song "4 Legs Good, 2 Legs Better", a woman came up right next to me and asked if I could turn it down.  I was obviously flustered by someone coming up in the middle of a song to ask me a question, and I stopped playing.  I was kind of shocked, and then I managed to tell the sound guy, through the microphone so everyone could hear, that this lady asked to turn it down.  I tried to compose myself and played the next song, but I noticed a couple more times how the sound in the PA got turned down.  Each time I looked over to the sound guy and someone was talking to him, no doubt asking him to turn it down.  It got to the point where I could hear my fingers hitting the keys more than I could hear the actual keyboard.  Everyone in the audience was just sitting at their tables talking anyway, and I think we were just a bother to them more than anything, like a house fly.  Another time a woman disturbed me midway through the song so that I would announce that the food was ready.

There was even a point when I played "Sunday Best" where I just was singing "no one can hear me, I can say whatever I want, I kind of think you're all being rude right now, hey Elizabeth I like the painting though, it looks good, but no one can hear me so bloo bee bah deep boo crap".  I must admit I didn't have to balls to be a bit more choice with my words, even though no one could hear me, but in retrospect it's probably a good thing. 

I don't think a single person clapped after any song, and needless to say, we felt very unwelcome and defeated.  We didn't even announce that the painting was for sale.  We decided to give it to our great friends Ashley and Henry.  They were there, and even brought 4 other good folks, but they couldn't hear anything and were kind of pushed to the back by all the rest of the folks.  They kindly treated us to some beers (at another bar) afterwards though.  It needs to be said that they were excellent hosts and made us feel much better afterwards.

After all is said and done, I wanted to curse the place out (well, the patrons at least.  Like I said, everyone working there was very nice and welcoming to us) but really, I think it was just a bad call on matching us up with that event, which no one could have foreseen (it looked like a great opportunity on paper!).  And though I do think it was incredibly rude of folks to interrupted me mid-song or whatever, they just wanted to eat and talk with their friends and co-workers and I can't really blame them for that, you know?  Plus, I'm a firm believer in Christ and what he taught, especially the forgiveness part, and though I don't think I'm to that point yet, I'd like to think that I can learn to forgive and drop this anger I feel towards those people.  So perhaps in the long run this will be a good lesson for me.

And at the very least, it's now kind of a funny story that I'll be able to tell folks.  I also kind of feel like we can now face anything because it probably won't be as bad as that.

Oh, and let me just say that Elizabeth, as always, still did an amazing job.  The painting was top notch and I'll post a picture of it tomorrow.  I don't think she ever performs a bad show.


A Pocket Vinyl show in 5 seconds, more show art


Last night we played at Mum's in Baltimore, MD.  My awesome brother-in-law Ben took a picture every few seconds and made this sweet little video.  It's the entire show in a convenient 5-second interval:

Also, I put up pictures of Elizabeth's paintings from the last 4 shows on the art page so check those out.  Aaaaannndddd.....hmmm, I thought there was something else but I can't remember at the moment.  Oh well...WAIT.  I remember now.  I wanted to say that if you're a college student or connected with ANY college in ANY way and you'd like to have Pocket Vinyl play at your school, please contact us at pocketvinylbooking@gmail.com.  We really, really, really want to play more college shows so let us know what we have to do to make that happen.  Thanks!


Christmas comic


At our recent Houghton show, the editors of the college comic magazine "The Drawing Board" asked Elizabeth (a veteran contributor) to make a comic for their Christmas issue.  She decided to do it and we wrote it together.  We like it well enough so I thought I'd share.  Maybe we should quit this music thing and make a webcomic?


Christmas, more pictures


Firstly, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I encourage you this Christmas to shop locally and support small business.  And if you'd REALLY like to, you can support us!  Come out to a show and get a t-shirt, album, or painting for a loved one.  You could also "gift wrap" any album download from iTunes if you'd like.  Either way, Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best.

Secondly, more painting pictures!  Yay!  I just put up 4 more and they're on the 2011 art page.  Here's a sweet bird blob one that is about to devour another victim (that's how I see it anyway):

Lancaster, PA tonight!  Come on out!


Photos from the last few shows


I posted the two recent photos of shows last week finally.  These are actually kind of old now, and I'm sorry for not getting them up earlier, but we've been trying to take it easy the last few days (see last news entry).  But I now put them up on the art from 2011 page.  

Here's one from last Wednesday, where we played in Indianapolis as part of a "Mustache Bash". 

They paid us really well and even gave us our own flask!  It was great too because a lot of my family were in Indianapolis at my Uncle Norm and Aunt Peggy's house.  My parents even showed up at the concert.  My mother, bless her soul, even dressed up for the occasion:

We're at Messiah College this Friday as part of a benefit to help the homeless.  Please come by if you're around!


Our cat Sister


UPDATE: Elizabeth wrote a beautiful blog post about Sister which includes a lot more pictures of why she was so important to us both.  Check it out here.


We've been spending the last week here in Indianapolis at my Aunt's house with my family for Thanksgiving.  After how last week went, it was good to have a bit of a break.  We even had a show this last Wednesday night which was one of our best shows financially (I'll post the painting of it soon), which was a big blessing.  

However, we just got news that our wonderful cat "Sister" (picture below) was hit by a car.  She isn't dead, but has damage to her tail and pelvis to the degree that there's no way we can revive her fully, even if we had the money to do so.  So, we have to cancel 5 shows in the Ohio/western PA areas to go home and give Sister a few more good days.  I'm really sorry to do this, but we'll return to the road for a few more weeks next Friday, with our show at Messiah College near Harrisburg, PA.

If you were planning on going to one of those shows, we're really sorry about that.  

Sister was such a wonderful cat to have for us.  She was very beautiful, and very proper.  She thankfully had a litter of 8 kittens who are carrying on a bit of who she is, which is comforting.  I know she was just a cat, but we did love her.  Here's a picture of her from earlier this summer:

This tour seems to be having a lot of trouble running recently, but we'll still keep at it.  If you have a cat or dog or any pet, I suggest you go give them a little love right now.


Every good story has conflict....


....and the Pocket Vinyl story has had a good amount of it this week.  That is to say, show-wise, it hasn't been our best week.  We had a show cancel on Thursday very last minute, attendance has been minimal, and we played our first show where we didn't sell the painting.  

HOWEVER, it's only been a week, and we've had so many great shows before that this tour that we're perfectly fine financially.  It's just been emotionally hard, I guess.  But this week HAS been good with everything else.  We've met a lot of old friends and made a lot of new ones.  So this week was by all means not a bust.  Plus, Elizabeth and I always try to keep in mind that the best stories are rife with conflict, so maybe this will all just make a better story someday.

Anyway, I put up 6 (!!!) new pictures of paintings on the 2011 show art page.  Here's the painting Elizabeth did earlier today at the afternoon show, which wasn't sold.  Elizabeth says it's actually one of her favorites of this tour too:

In less than an hour we're playing here at River Music Experience (formerly Mojo's) and then we have a bit of a break with only 3 shows in the next week.  I think it'll do our souls good.  So will mashed potatoes, green beans, and family.


Minneapolis, Cloud Cult, and Clotworthy


So part of the reason I was really looking forward to playing in Minneapolis (which we're doing in a few hours) is that I was really, really, really hoping Craig Minowa from one of our favorite bands Cloud Cult would come.  I even went so far as to email him to invite him to our show.  I had heard they live in Minneapolis, but apparently that's not the case.  He actually WROTE BACK TO ME (which I'm still obviously geeking out about) and said they live 4 hours away.  Oh well.  

Still, Cloud Cult have a big influence on us musically AND visually.  We sort of got (read: "borrowed" (read: "stole")) the whole "music and live painting" thing from them.  Without them, one could argue that there might not be Pocket Vinyl.  I strongly suggest you check them out, especially their album "Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes".  A modern classic, in my mind.

Anyway, I was simply inspired by them that I wanted to mention them.  Also, while I'm on the subject, our good friend and fantastic musician Clotworthy released a new album "Let's Go Surfing" today.  He is a master a pure pop and I highly recommend checking him out if you like songs getting stuck into your head.  Plus, in a few years when his stuff gets big, you can say "I've known him for years and he was so much better before he went mainstream" and the like.  Check out his bandcamp page to hear the whole album and name your own price for downloading it.


Busy, wonderful times


This whole "show every night with no break" thing has been awesome, but very busy.  My apologizes for not posting these last 5 show paintings more recently.  But if you've been following Elizabeth's in depth blog about our travels you've already seen them.  Still, check the art from 2011 shows page to see the five most recent paintings.  She's definitely focusing on and exploring birds on this tour, which I welcome.  

As I write this, I'm at the Bremen Cafe in Milwaukee.  The owner loved Elizabeth's art so much that he hired us (read: her) ahead of time to paint the side of his bar.  Elizabeth is doing that right now, painting a bunch of the classic PV monsters playing instruments and drinking jugs with XXX on the side of them.  I can't wait to see it finished up.  I'll probably post about it tomorrow.

Here's probably my personal favorite from the last week.  The flowers just look so fluffy!  I love it!  Our wonderful friends Stef and Nate Austin got it.  Nate looks particularly joyful.


We're now heading in uncharted territory....


Well, I'm typing this in the town of Houghton where I grew up.  We played here last night (great show, by the way) and now we're about to head out to Cleveland (8PM at Wilbert's!).  It's very exciting because we've never played anywhere outside of the Northeast.  For the next 3 or so weeks, we're all over the Mid-West, an area of the states Elizabeth and I haven't really explored much.  I hear it's very flat and boring, but I've always grown up in a hilly place, so the flatness kind of excites me.  

Strange, I know.

Anyway, I've put up the last few paintings on the 2011 tour art page.  Here's a pic of what is probably the most confusing painting Elizabeth has done on stage.  Even she says she's not sure exactly what's going on.  There's a bunch of birds, and a tree of some sort, I think, but beyond that it gets kind of crazy.  Kind of reminds me of that never ending staircase illusion or something.  Check it out:

That's our good friends Jon Herr (who is a fantastic musician) and Bethany Ortquist.  I suggest checking out one of Jon's shows if you're in the Buffalo NY area.  We actually played with him in December and he bought 2 paintings that Elizabeth did that night, which can be seen here and here.  He's getting himself a mighty fine collection of Elizabeth Jancewicz originals.

Here we come, Ohio!


Big Thank You, new paintings posted


Guys, the tour has been going SO WELL.  As I think I have mentioned before, this tour is sort of a litmus test of whether or not we can afford to do this full time at this point in our lives.  If the last week is any indication, we will have no problem at all keeping this up for a while.  We have been so blessed by so many people in just the last week alone, and it makes us really excited to see what the coming weeks hold.  We have shows every night until Nov. 19 too, so we're keeping busy.

I'd really like to take this time to say a big thanks to anyone and everyone who's supported us thus far on the tour.  We've had family, friends, and strangers open their homes to us for the night, which has been so great.  Much better than sleeping in the car.  And thanks to everyone who's bought a t-shirt, CD, or just come to a show in general.  We really are so thankful.  Even though we booked all the gigs and are doing it all "DIY style", we really couldn't do this without the generosity and support from all those people.  So once again, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Whew...it feels lovey in here.  Go hug the closest person to you.

Anyway, I uploaded 5 new paintings from the shows over the last week which can all be seen in the Art From 2011 Shows tab under "Photographs."  Or just click here!  Here's a guy (named Simeon, I believe) who probably has my favorite pose from any picture of a painting patron that we've taken yet: 

What a winning pose.

We're in Warren, PA tonight at the Crossing!  8 PM!


Paintings from the last few days


We've uploaded 3 new pictures of Elizabeth's paintings from the last few shows.  I particularly like the most recent one done at the Bombshelter, with the road sign and crows.  Sweet stuff, don't you think?  You can check them out on the "paintings from 2011" page.

Meanwhile, while at the All Asia Bar in Cambridge, MA, they let Elizabeth draw on the walls of the bathroom.  So if you're there, I suggest you check out the ladies room and see this pretty sight:


"I Am Not Japan" music video!


We filmed this video a few weeks ago but we finally managed to put it together just the other day.  We tried to tell a little bit of a story with the art this time.  Plus, we tear a piano apart and set it on fire in act 2, so watch for that.  My great brother-in-law Nick is also featured in this video.  I suggest watching it full screen so that you can see the art more clearly.  Enjoy:


The Synesthesia Tour has officially begun!


Welp, one show down and 40 (or more, if we get them) to go.  I'm so excited to be living on the road, and Elizabeth shares my sentiments very much.  We're young, in love, and rocking out nearly every night.  I feel so incredibly blessed, and hope that our future contains much more of this.

By the way, if you'd like more stories and pictures from our times on the road, check out Elizabeth's blog often.  She's very good at telling our tales and showing more pictures than I share here on the main site.  Just click on the "Elizabeth's Blog" tab to check it out.

Here's the painting from last night at the Flask Lounge, and the wonderful bartender who bought it:


I like this "circle tree" thing that Elizabeth has done in the last couple paintings.  Her general style is definitely shifting a bit.  And I like it very much.

Tonight: Cambridge, MA.  Tomorrow: Plaistow, NH.  Saturday: Bruinswick, ME.  

Good times.


Synesthesia poster; All albums now on Bandcamp!


Tomorrow's the day!  We've been planning this tour for a while now, and we could not be more excited for the adventure that awaits us.  I made this poster as a handy reference for you all.  See it below.  Check the tour page for more details on each event.

Also, I put up our debut album "Protagonist" and the "PV EP" on our bandcamp page.  This is the first time the PV EP has ever been sold digitally!  Please head over to our bandcamp page to check them out!


Old/New friends and Wizard Rock


What a weekend.  I'll split it up into sections here.

Friday and Saturday Night

So first, on Friday, our good friend Pete Hutchinson of the fantastic blog Hutchdaddy Vinyl came out to support us and won the painting for the night.  He's such a jolly guy it's always a pleasure to hang out with him.  

On Saturday, it was a bit surreal because we had our first "fans" show up, in that they were folks who discovered us and came to a show without being someone we knew beforehand.  They were people who we didn't know who came purely for our show!  How great is that!?  It may seem weird to say that, but it was fantastic and made me feel like wheels are turning on this whole project.  Two of those folks (named Anton and Madeleine) got the painting, hung out with us a while, and became our friends as well AND showed up surprisingly at the Sunday night show as well!  

You can check out Pete's painting here and the Anton and Madeleine's painting here.  

Sunday Night Wizard Rock Extravaganza

(Elizabeth wrote a piece on her personal blog about the night as well.  Check it out here.)

OK, so this was one of those nights that we'll remember for a long time.  I'll try to keep it short:  Basically, when we arrived at the venue (the Space in Hamden, CT) and were bringing things in, the other bands had already showed up.  I glanced at their merch tables and noticed words like "muggle" and "potter" on their t-shirts and such.  We also noticed that there were a lot of people there, most of whom were dressed up with ties and scarfs and maybe even a few lightning bolt scars on their foreheads.  

(more after the jump...)


Tour Date page updated, new t-shirts!


So first things first: I updated the Tour Dates page so that it's not a huge jumbled mess of information like it was before.  It's much more clear, simple, and organized.  We've also added a few dates, so go check that out. 

Also, we made new T-shirts!  Elizabeth designed an awesome new logo and screen printed it on a variety of colored t-shirts.  Here's one of them:

You, too, can fight crime and be mighty in a PV t-shirt

They also come in light yellow, blue, light blue, and gray.  AND as you can sort of see, Elizabeth sewed on different patterns onto each shirt to make each one completely different from each other one.  AND she used different colored inks at times too.  So yeah, they're all pretty great.  Like the ones we made last year, we only made a small amount of them.  45 to be exact.  Once they're gone, they're gone, and only available at shows, so please come out to one!


50th show!


So this last weekend marked a pretty sweet event in our career: our 50th show!  It was at the Teen Dover Center in Dover, NH and from what I could gather, it went pretty well.  It's weird to think we've played 50 times and Elizabeth has made 50 paintings (actually, more than that because on some long sets she's done 2 of them)!  But here we are and it feels good.  Also, maybe, JUST MAYBE, we'll reach 100 shows by the end of the year.  We'll see.

Another cool thing that happened this weekend is that we hung out with our friends Nikki and Castle (and a bunch of their friends who are now our friends too that I won't list here.  Sorry.) and they got the painting at our 49th show.  Check it out:

I really like that painting too.  I think Elizabeth branched out a bit from her more regular affair for it.  Very beautiful.  Probably inspired by the fall but who knows, could have just been a coincidence.  She told me after the show that she painted the bird last, and until then that spot was empty and she didn't know what to do with it until the second to last song.  I'd say she made the right choice and now it's awesome.

We have one more weekend of 3 shows and then NEXT WEDNESDAY we head out on the road for nearly 2 months.  I can't wait.  We'll miss our cat but they'll be fine I'm sure.


"Thrive" movie trailer that we're in


Sooooo a few months ago, we got an offer to have our song "Stand Point Theory" in a movie called Thrive.  I asked what it was about and I was told it was about moving off humans dependency on fossil fuels, which sounded like something I'm all for.  Well, the trailer came out, and it IS indeed about that, but it's also about much more things that I wasn't aware of.  Take a look:

Huh.  Aliens.  Kind of surprising, huh?  Well, either way, their hearts seem to be in the right place, and whether it be aliens or not, I'm glad they seem to be thinking in a positive direction.  If you liked what you heard and you haven't heard "Stand Point Theory" in full, I suggest you go watch the music video we did for that song by clicking right here.


Another great 3 show weekend coming up


OK, so here's the itinerary this week:


Thursday, Oct. 13 - Torrington, CT at the Nirvana Health Bar.  We'll start around 7:30.

Friday, Oct. 14 - Dover, NH at the Dover Teen Center.  Our second time there.  Was a lot of fun so hopefully that'll repeat.

Saturday, Oct. 15 - Westerly, RI at the Malted Barley.  We're playing for nearly two hours on this night! 


I hope you can come out to one of those.  Also, our good friend and relative Sonja Mindrebo has a picture-a-day blog and featured us: http://730moments.tumblr.com/post/11346063029/newlyweds-sonja-canon-7d-50mm-f1-8

Aren't we cute, you guys?


Weekend Wrap Up


This weekend was great.  We returned to the Hessian Lion in Avon for another great show, then we returned to the Bean & Leaf in New London, and then we played a great intimate college show in Chester, NH.  All in all, very great, and all three paintings can be seen on the art page here.  Here's my favorite from the weekend (the speech bubble says "I'm Not Even Hungry" by the way):


That's Bill.  He's come to a few of our shows and is a great guy.  He was determined to get the painting on this night and we're very glad he did.  (Hi Bill!)

Another cool thing is that "Monsters Talking" got a very positive review from Volume City.  You can check it out here.  

Another big group of shows this weekend in Torrington CT, Dover NH, and Westerly, RI.  Come out if you're near there!  


Get "Monsters Talking" for only $8


You can now get our (in our opinion) fantastic new album "Monsters Talking" for $2 less than before!  If you go to our bandcamp page right now, you can purchase the album for only $8!  It's still around $10 at most other places on the internet (itunes and such) so this is a great deal.  Also, if you buy it from bandcamp, pretty much ALL of your money goes to us, the artists, directly.  It's not so at other outlets.  

What are you waiting for?  Go there now: www.pocketvinyl.bandcamp.com


Watch Virtue-The-Kitten Grow - A new Pocket Vinyl music video


Boom!  New music video!  See, our lovely cat Sister has a litter of 8 kittens back in mid-August.  Just last week we found homes for all of them thankfully, but while we had them, we decided to take pictures of it every day so we could make this video and watch it grow.  I've been excited to make and share this video for a few months now, so I'm having a great day!  I hope you like it and please share it around.  According to past internet trends, this should have 100,000,000 views by the end of the hour since it contains kittens.  Fingers crossed!


40 shows and counting!


Here's something we've been working on a lot recently.  Most of our fall tour has been announced.  This is not a complete list.  I'm still hoping for another 10 or more shows in December, probably around the PA/NY/CT areas.  But check out what we have so far:

Oct. 7 – Avon, CT

Oct. 8 – New London, CT

Oct. 9 – Chester NH

Oct. 13 – Torrington, CT

Oct. 14 – Dover NH

Oct. 15 – Westerly, RI

Oct. 21 – Pawtuckett, RI

Oct. 22 – Middletown, CT

Oct. 23 – Hamden, CT

Oct. 26 – Portland, ME

Oct. 27 – Cambridge, MA

Oct. 28 – Plaistow, NH

Nov. 1 – Burlington, VT

Nov. 2 – Montpelier, VT

Nov. 3 – Syracuse, NY

Nov. 4 – Rochester, NY

Nov. 5 – Warren, PA

Nov. 6 – Buffalo, NY

Nov. 7 – Houghton, NY

Nov. 8 – Cleveland, OH

Nov. 9 – Toledo, OH

Nov. 10 – Detroit, MI

Nov. 11 – South Bend, IN

Nov. 12 – Chicago, IL

Nov. 13 – Milwaukee, WI

Nov. 14 – Eau Claire, WI

Nov. 15 – La Crosse, WI

Nov. 16 – Minneapolis, MN

Nov. 18 – Des Moines, IA

Nov. 19 – Iowa City, IA – afternoon show

Nov. 19 – Davenport, IA

Nov. 22 – Indianapolis, IN

Nov. 23 – Indianapolis, IN

Nov. 26 – Cincinnati, OH

Nov. 28 – Toledo, OH

Nov. 29 – Youngstown, OH

Dec. 1 – Pittsburgh, PA

Dec. 9 – Elizabethtown, PA

Dec. 14 – Philadelphia, PA


For details on all the events, including time, price, venue, etc., go to our tour page.  Please come out to a show or tell your friends in areas we may be going to!  Hopefully we'll really spread the Pocket Vinyl name all over the Northeast and Mid-west!  See you on the road.


Dogfish Head and the Harvest Festival


Fantastic weekend.  We played down in Delaware for the first time, and it was at the Dogfish Head Brewery Restaurant.  Both Elizabeth and I are big Dogfish Head beer fans (if you haven't had one, I suggest you go give any of their brews a shot.  In my opinion, they're a brewery where you can pretty much trust that anything they make will be good, but in particular I suggest Midas' Touch) so it was sort of a little dream to play there.  It was a long drive and we basically broke even with gas and tolls and all that, but it was still very worth it.  You can check our Elizabeth's painting from that night in the art section. 

We also played at the Harvest Festival on Hurricane Farm in Scotland, CT.  Basically, it's this really welcoming couple who own a farm and enjoy spreading love to everyone, so each year they have this mini festival on their property.  They're names are Chris and Erica.  The third painting (which you can see below) was actually painting during Chris' band's set.  They're called Brother's Donovan and if you like Phish or the Grateful Dead, you will most certainly love them.  Great jam band.  We first met them in NYC last summer on tour.  They were pretty much the only ones at the show and we kept in touch and they invited us up for the festival this year.  They even asked Elizabeth to paint for a few other people's sets too, so she did 3 paintings overall!  Here they are:

They're kind of a triptych, which is what she aimed to do.  Three brother/sister paintings, loosely based off stuff we saw around the farm.  You can see the people who bought them holding them on the Art from 2011 shows page.  Everyone was really great and giving.  Half of the money made from the paintings also went to help charity, so that was great too.

We're playing at the Hessian Lion in Avon, CT again this weekend, as well as another New London show and something up in New Hampshire.  It should be a fun weekend.  Hope to see you out at one of them! 


Last night's show was amazingly great


We played at the Hessian Lion in Avon, CT last night, and it couldn't have been better.  We sold the painting for far more than we've sold a painting before, and the audience was really supportive towards us.  AND we played with an amazing duo called Fifth Nation.  I strongly encourage you to click that link and listen to them.  

They're good.

They're also a guy/girl duo who do music full time too.  The guy is even named "Musik," so how awesome is that.  The painting was definitely a little different from what Elizabeth's done before too.  It's a birdman dancing!  Check it out:

You can't really see it well, but the speech bubble says "Dance birdman!" in it.  The guy holding it is going to hang the painting IN the bar, so now we're a part of it forever, which is awesome to think about.  The folks in white there are Fifth Nation, and the long hair guy is Kyle, who might be the best sound man we've worked with.  Very friendly, very loving.  We can't wait to go back.  

Next show is at the Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware next week!  Followed by the Harvest Festival in Scotland, CT!  What a great weekend it'll be!  


Last minute show added in Delaware next week!


We just got a last minute show at the Dogfish Head restaurant next week!  Both Elizabeth and I are big fans of Dogfish Head beer (and you should be too) so we're really pumped for this.  We're apparently opening up for a Go-Go's cover band, so that's exciting too.  If you're in the area, we'd love for you to stop by.


"A Little Joke" music video and more show art


Great news everyone!  We finished the first music video from the new album.  We've had this idea for a while and we really like how it turned out.  Be sure to notice the clouds moving in the background (can you believe that wasn't even planned?).  Enjoy:



We had a couple shows this last week in New London too!  The art can be found in the "Art from 2011 shows" page.  Great stuff.  The one with the monster playing the piano is yet another new favorite of mine.  I seem to have a habit of getting a new favorite every show.  I consider this to be a good thing.

Our next show is next week in Avon, CT.  Hopefully we'll see you there!



"Monsters Talking" physical packaging pictures


Just this morning, Elizabeth finished making the artwork for the new album.  She did it all DIY style with screen printing each one.  They're only available at shows currently, so come see us to get one.  Check them out:



I love my wife and her awesome creativity. 


The new album, "Monsters Talking", is here!


Today is very, very, very, very, truly exciting for us.  Tomorrow, we have our CD release show at the Telegraph record store in New London, CT, but today, we're releasing the album online.  If you want, you can go listen to the entire new album at our Bandcamp page!  It'll be available through itunes, cdbaby, emusic, amazon, and all those good digital stores very soon, but right now it's only available at Bandcamp (also, just saying, if you'd like to purchase the album, buying it from Bandcamp gives more money directly to us, but still, we're happy however you obtain it).  

If you'd like to listen to each song individually, you can go to our Monsters Talking page and read all the lyrics and story behind each song as you listen.  

We're doing it a little different this time with the actual CD packaging in that we're making it all ourselves.  Elizabeth is screen printing as I type this.  We're hoping to make it very original and unique, but it won't have a bar code so the only place you can get it physically is at one of our shows, so come check us out on the road sometime!  As a teaser, we did get the actual CD's just the other day, which look like this: 


Don't they look amazing?!  I can't believe how great they look.  We'll definitely have a fresh supply (along with new t-shirts!) on the road this fall.  

Anyway, what are you still doing here?  Go over to our bandcamp page and listen to Monsters Talking!  Let us know what you think!


Holy crap, Keene NH was amazing


This last weekend was definitely one of the best weekends we've had as a band.  I'll tell the story about it and how we went from having 1 show to 4, but before I do, please know that you can go here to check out all the paintings that Elizabeth did this weekend.  Here's one of them, which might be a new personal favorite for me:


That guy holding the painting is named Jordan (the other guy is Hunter).  He let us stay at this house (and play a gig in his basement...more on that later) and was an all around great man.  He has a sweet band called The 123's and I urge you to check them out.

Anyway, so here's the story behind this weekend: We went up Friday night to play a show at the Starving Artist in Keene, NH.  We arrived early and walked around the town, noticing a lot of posters for the "Keene Music Festival" which just so happened to be the next day.  We decided it'd be fun to stick around for it before heading home.  Anyway, we played with the 123's and a lot of people showed up.  They were really welcoming and encouraging towards us.  We had an absolute blast and will hopefully return there in the future.  After the show, we were hanging out with the 123's and Jordan (the guy in the photo above) offered to house us for the night.  We accepted thankfully, drank cider, and hung out for the rest of the night.

The next morning we woke up and went to a bagel place where Jordan said he worked.  He started at 6AM so we didn't see him that morning until we arrived at the restaurant.  When we saw him there, the first thing he said was "hey do you guys want a slot at the music festival?"  Of course, we said yes, and he called his friend to confirm it.  We were so thankful and happy to be a part of the festival and stay a little longer in Keene.  Then, about an hour later, he asked us if we wanted ANOTHER slot from a band that dropped out last minute.  So we accepted again.  THEN, a little while later, Jordan asked if we wanted to play at an after party at his house that night, because his friend's band dropped out.  We were so thrilled, and accepted again.  So we went to Keene for one show, and ended up playing 4.  One at a venue, one on a gazebo, one in a street alley, and one in a basement.  All awesome.  All memorable.  My voice felt like it was ripped out by the end of the night, BUT we met a lot of great people and they all want to see us come back.  

The support from everyone was almost overwhelming.  We sold out of the rest of Elizabeth's hand made t-shirts and we sold one of the paintings for more than we've ever sold one before!  It was very successful on every level, and we made a bunch of new friends.  

It made us feel like we're doing what we're suppose to be doing.  Thanks again, Keene.  We'll see you soon.


Hurricane Irene, Keene, NH show this weekend


Elizabeth and I, living in Preston, CT, got hit with the storm pretty hard.  90% of the town, including our house, is without power right now (I'm in a library a town over right now).  But thankfully, we're safe, as is everyone we know from around the area.  And besides a few exceptions, I think no one really experience much property damage.  

Fappy, our touring car, unfortunately got a few dings in it from crap flying around during the storm but nothing beyond repair.  In fact, we have a show in Keene, NH this weekend that we certainly must get to.  We're opening for a big local group called the 123's.  It should be a really fun show.  I used to work at a camp for a few summers in high school near Keene and we'd often go into town, get some ice cream and pizza, and stop into Turn It Up!, the local record store.  I look forward to hopefully doing all those things on Friday.

If you're in the area, we hope to see you there!  And our prayers definitely go out to those affected far worse than us by Hurricane Irene.  If you're one of them, God bless.


New band photos


In an attempt to have an original band shot that might stick us out from the crowd a little bit, we took some pictures last night.  Here's an example:


There's a few more on the Band Photos page if you care to peruse.  


Date change for the show at the Telegraph in New London, Now on Sept. 9


Just a quick note: we had a gig at the Telegraph record store in New London on Sept. 2nd BUT the date has been changed to Sept. 9th.  If you're planning on coming, please make a note of it.  It'll be the CD release show for the new album "Monsters Talking" so it'll be a great time.


2011 shows have officially begun


Last night we had our very first show since December at The Space in Hamden, CT.  We also played with a sweet experimental band named Controlled Storms.  They were great guys from Philly so check them out.  

I discovered that I'm a little rusty, but that should be all flattened out by our next show in a few weeks.  Elizabeth, as always, did another awesome job.  Here's what she did last night along with the people who bought it:



Some sort of sleep monster hill.  She said she was tired so this is what popped into her brain.  I don't know how she works but I like it.

With uploading it, I started a new page up "Photographs" of paintings from 2011 shows.  If you get a painting in the future, check there if you want to see yourself holding it.  

That's all for now.  



See "The Kiss" at our wedding


My new, fantastic brother-in-law Ben took a video at our wedding, a place where we sort of forgot to try and get any video of!  He just sent us this and we couldn't be happier that it's been captured.  It's "the kiss" part, in which most people creepily enjoy watching and cheer over.  But we thought we'd share anyway.  Enjoy:



"Monsters Talking" - new album preview


We've finished the new album and it's about to be sent off to the presses.  It'll be available for everyone in just a few weeks, but in the meantime, here's something to listen to until then.  

The song is called "Quiet Epiphany" and it's the opening track for the new album.  I really want to talk about it and all that's behind it (I will eventually, I'm sure) but I'll let the track speak for itself right now.  Take a listen:




Feel free to do the "right click, save target as..." thing so you can keep it.  In other news, we have a few music videos in the works and a bunch of shows coming up.  A big fall tour is coming up as well.  If you have anywhere you'd like us to come play, please let us know and we'll do our best to get to where you are.  Take care.


Added to the store: Pocket Vinyl children's books


Elizabeth and I (mostly Elizabeth) worked on some children's books for the Naskapi Indian tribe of northern Quebec when she worked up there last year.  Very few books are in the Naskapi language and we were recruited to help the language and try to preserve it a bit as well as keep the language relevant to the upcoming generations.  So we've self-published several books in the Naskapi and English languages and you can now find links to them in our store.

Go to the PV store now and check them out.


Kaylan Buteyn photography


We've put up a few new pictures in the Band Photos section.  They were taken by Kaylan Buteyn who runs her own photography company.  She's a great friend and photographer based out of Western NY.  Check out her portfolio, blog, and all that stuff at her website.


More shows


We just added several more shows in the CT area this fall.  Feel free to drop by one of them and say hi.  We're itching to get back into the groove of playing.  In fact, today I started booking for the Fall tour, which should start around Oct. 21.

One big show I would like to promote specifically, though, is on Oct. 1st.  It's a show on a farm and it's an all day mini-festival.  It'll be great and well worth the travel, wherever you're coming from.  Here's some info on it:



Mystic Art Festival


Elizabeth and I are going to be at the Mystic Art Show in Mystic, CT this weekend!  Both tomorrow and Sunday (Aug. 13 and 14) we'll have a booth, selling art and meeting folks of New England.  Elizabeth is going to be doing some live painting, and I might be doing some live piano-ing as well.  Maybe.  But if you're in the area this weekend, come on out to say hi and get some sketches/paintings/watercolors/etc. from Elizabeth for reasonable prices!  

Our booth is on Water Street near the New London Rd. intersection.  See you there!

Mystic art show website: http://www.mysticchamber.org/?sec=sec&s=44


Welcome to PocketVinyl.com


Today is the day PocketVinyl.com goes live, and we couldn't be more excited.  We really want this site to be a wonderful resource for any fan of the band.  Here are a few highlights:

-the Music page can lead you to listen to any piece of music we've released thus far, as well as read the story behind each track.

-the Goals page leads you to read our many goals we hope to accomplish as a band, ranging from "easy to complete" to "yeah right, you'll never do that"

-the Videos page has many of our videos, mostly featuring Elizabeth Jancewicz's fantastic art style

-the Biography page has the basic facts about us, both in short and long form.

Or you can check out one of the many other corners of the site.  Thank you so much for being here.  Enjoy browsing,

Pocket Vinyl